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Alvin Wilsey, of Ann Arbor, was in town Tuesday. H. W. Bassett was an Ann Arbor visitor, Wednesday. George Walker drove to Dundee last Monday on business. K. The Germán Lutheran society have erected their new sheds. A. Harmon tripped to the county capital Wednesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. George Barr called on "Ypsi" friends last Sunday. Miss Mary Munger, of Manchester, visited friends here the first of the week. There are only two letters on the advertised list at the post-office ■this month. ' R. H. Marsh w'ill move into the church house on Ann Arbor St. in the near future. Rev. W. E. Caldwell and A. H. Hotchkins attended the state presbytery at Flint last week. CariWebb, of Troy, IN. Y., is visiting at Mrs. M. Burrough's and other relatives this week. The door reciepts at the Glee Club concert were $60.00 50 per cent of which the club pocketed. Gay Harris is on the road selling farming implements for T. W. Huil & Co. He meets with much success. Mrs. H. J. Parsons went to Wichita, Kansas last Friday to visit her son John R. Parsons íor a lew weeks. - Presbyterian prayer meeting was held at Mr. J. H. Fish1? residedce Thursday evening as the church was undergoing repairs. Elmer Bickford started to his Tower City, Dak., home Tuesday evening via. Lansing where he will visit relatives a few days. Mrs. S. C. Godfrey and her brother George Van Houten attended the funeral of their father at Port Huron the first of the week. Farmers are busy preparing ground for oats in this vicinity. One man sowed his oats the I4th, inst. and they were not wild oats either. The Dennis & Glover Machine Co. have manufacturedj a one horse engine that is a little beauty. The Ypsilanti Commercial has contracted for it. The music rendered by the University Glee Club in opera hall last Friday eveing was appreciated,if applause is a criterian to judge by. They were encored after nearlv every selection. Miss Nettie Sanford had charge of the ïst grammer depaitment in Union school last week. Miss Burroughs, the regular teacher, being absent because of her father's sickness and death. k, The M. E. Society have raised $1000.00 to clear their parsonage of a sixteen year old mortgage. Rev. Yokom took the matter in hand and sold 40 shares at $25.00 per share. Thirty-eight shares were sold during the first week of his efforts. Martin Burroughs was buried here last Sunday with Masonic ceremonies. He had been a faithful member of the blue lodge tor many years, ha ving taken several degrees in the order. He was 70 years of age and leaves a wife and three daughters, one unmarriecl, and many friénds. He was a -nason by trade. Rev. Gallup conducted the services in Baptist church. The farmers club meeting at J. S. Woods was socially the best meeting they have held, nearly every member wasjpresent, sixty being on hand. J. S. Kyte told them how to raise potatoes successfully. Music was rendered by some of the honorary members. They contémplate holding a state institute here soon as practicable, next winter perhaps. The next meeting will be the first Friday in May. Rev. W. E. Caldwell and wife were happily surprised last Monday evening on their return home from a neighbor's, to find bout 175 friends who had taken possession of their house, in honor of their 2oth wedding anniversary. Everybody made naerry times for everjbody ele till a lte hour. A program had been arranged by their four daughters, consisting of vocal and instrumental music, readings recitations, etc; Prof. A . F. Clark rendering two solos which were appreciated by all. After the program was through all were warmed up with some ice cream and cakes. A fair sized purse was made up and presented quietly to the Pastor. They are not sorry their home was thu invaded.


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