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Lilly Field's Murderer Hanged

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Fergüs Falls, Mimi., Api-il 13. - Neis lolong, the Norwegian murderer of Miss jly Field, was hanged here a few minutes efore 2 o'clock Friday. The scaffold had eeii erected in an inclosure adjoining the ail and surrounded by a fence sixteen feet ïigh. Holong's neck was broken, and his museles scai-eely twitched. He ascended the eaffold without faltering, and showed little igns of fear. He seemed most alarmed while ;he warrant was being read, but scarcely treinbled. The seaffold and trap worked to perfection. The crime for which Holoug was hanged was most atrocious. Miss Field lived with her parents on a farm near this place, and Holong was employed as a hired man. On May 28 last her parents went to town leaving Miss Lilly and a 7-year-old brother at home. Holong came to the house, sent the boy on an errand, and that was the last seen of Miss Field alive. When the parents returned they found her dead body in tbe hog pasture, partially devoured by the brutes. Holong was captured next morning near Wendell station, some twenty miles from the scène of the murder. He at once admitted his guilt. He claimed that they had been engaged in a squabble and that he struck her and killed her, and in order to conceal his crime had fed her body to the hogs, thinking they would eat her before she was found. The generally accepted theory, however, is that flnding her alone he sent the boy off and assaulted her or killed her in the attempt and then mutilated her body and put it in the hog pasture. He was utterly abject when captured, and it was only the arrival of the sheriff which saved him from being lyuched.


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