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Real Estate Transfers

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ilecorded during the week in the office of the Register of Deeds. Helen C. Svvift to Charles L. King 155 00 Lnuisa Kimmel to Fred V. 8 Kimmel, Superior 6,000 00 VVilliara Emanuel liutzel to Charles Edward Hutzel, Lodi 1,800 00 Joseph T. Weber and wife to iludson T. Morton, Ann Arborcity 2,500 00 VVilliam Colib and wife to Thomas Birkett, Dexter 300 00 A. Birk, by exrs., to Frank Marks, Ann Arbor city .... 425 00 Patrick II. H. Finley to Charlotte A. II. Finley, Sció 1 00 James Pendergrast and wife to Margaret Kearney, Dexter and Lyndon 2,000 00 Micbael Staebler and wite to Fi'ederick Staebler, Ann Arbor ] ,600 00 Reyer and Wagner to Frederick Staebler. Ann Arbor. . J. Weil & Bros., to Heinzmann & Laubengayer, Ann Albor city 1,000 00 Dwight Pebbles to ïteno l'eebles, Salem 1 00 Fred Mosser and wife to David Schneider, Scio G00 00 Jacob F. Staebler to John C. Schmid, Lodi 5,745 00 Robert C. Glennet al to ITm. II. Glenn, Lyndon..'. : Conrad Hildinger and vvife to Charles Ilildinger, Manchester.., 230 00 William Kern and wife to John George Haarer, Manchester. ... 25 00 Miick & Schmidoto Mary U. Whiting, Freedom 3,840 43 Harriet B. E. Trice to Chas. E. Samson, Fpsilanti city 700 00 Robert E. Douglas and wife to O. E. Gooding, ifork 350 00 Frank E. Cammet to A. B. Davidson, Salem 4.50 00 Charles II. Nichols to Frederick Steinkohl, Manchester 1,000 00 Huldah Cook to Seth C. liandall,Ann Arbor city 1,900 00 Seth C. Kandall to O. L. Mathews,Aun Arbor city . . 665 00 Mary Jane Johnson by admin. toGeorge Hosier,Dexter. . . 500 00 Dwight liiggs and wife by sheriff to Sidney Beckwith, Sylvan 450 00 John M. Schell to Ërnest L1sasser, Saline 3,838 00 Marión L. Lawrence to .lerenieah Patton.Ypsilanti city 400 00 Mary J. Murray to George Spatlieli, Ann Arbor city... 1 00 James Murray et al to George Spatlielf,Ann Arbor city. . . 100 00 Mary E. Burd to Thomas G. Burlingame, Aun Arbor... 650 00 Thomas G. Kurlingame to George M.Burd, Aun Arbor 3,000 00 Eliza QnderhHl to William F. Kern, Manchester 650 00 Margaret Conghlin to Ctheiiae Nolan ï' 175 00 Catherine jfolan to Charles W. Griffen, Ypsilanti city. . 100 00 Alanson Sheley to Mayor fiecorder and Aldermen of Aim Arbor city, Ann Arbor city 800 00 Elizabeth T. Sundeiiand to Adelia C.Cheever, Ann Arbor city 200 00 Oscar B. Tester and wife to William and J. C. Koberts, Salem 4,500 00 John Hraun huí] wifn to Ij. T). Watkins, Manchester 6,319 88 David F. Allruendinger and wiïe to the Allmendinger J'iano and Oigan Co., Ahn Albor city 1 00 Olivia B. Hall et altoEugene B. Hall, Anti Arbor.citv 3,000 00 James F. Smith and wife to George E. Smith. Pittsfield. 10,150 00 Susan 11. Kedder et al to James M. (Jollins, Saline . . 2,265 88 John Wisner to Ella Wisner, Manchester 310 00 Thomas Y. Stone by heirs to Erastus P. Mason, Ann Arbor 600 00 Wm. and M. E. Sandford to George F. Sanford Saline and, Bridgewater 1,120 00 Wealthy E. Pope to John Howard,PittsfieId 5,500 00 Charles II. Kempf toMargaret L. Durand,Chelsea 300 00 E: Pardon to CVan Blarcuin, Tork 50 00 B. E. Douglas to Wm. W. Kelsey, York 1,500 00 Mary Jane Cowan to James F. Clark, Superior 35 00 James F. Clark to Mary Jane Cotvan, Superior 35 00 Mary M. Banghart to James F. Clark, Superior 150 00