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State street will have some new brick blocks this summer. N.H. Winanshas sold his carriage horse to Charles Spoor. The canvas tor the new directory is being thoroughly made. Remember the Glee Club concert at University hall tonight. ïhe little oíd folks concert in the M. E. church will be held this evening. Why is the cry of a child with a bad cold like a popular game? Beeause it is a base bawl. Ötefiey & Serviss have an eigbteen horse power boiler and engine in their steam lauudry. Mrs. John I'lynn stumbled on the sidewalk and feil Monday morning breaking her wrist. . ïhe next teachers examination in this county will be held in Chelsea, next Friday, April 27th. Andrew ömith, foreman in the agricultural works has a pair of boots ten years old, with only one tap wtmi. Bernard Morrisou was seutenced beforeJusuce Pondon Tuesday for disorderly conduct to thirty days in jail. William Cainpion, Jr., was sentenced to tweuty days iu jail by Justice Frueauff fot beiug drunk on the streetS' Sunday. Miss Jiellie Childs, in extinguishing a paper flower wlnch had caught üre from aj lamp,last week, badly burned her hand. The republicau ward caucuses will be held at 7.30 o'clock this evening. The republican couuty conventiou will be held uext Tuesday. Achel Hale and Miss Ida Colé, both of Saline, were marrie.d by llav. S. Earp at the Episcopal rectory in this city last Mouday. Mrs. Margaret Taylor, motherof Mrs. John A. liobinsou, of the flftu ward, died,iiilLansiiig, Monday and wasburied in this city yesterday afteruoon. Edward Pierce was found drunk on the streets Sunday and on Monday was brought beforé JusticePond and fined $1 and costs which he was given until to-day to raise. The April pomological meeting was otnitted on account of pressing work in üeld and garden. The May meeting will be held as most of the work will be done by that time. Seven-thirty sharp, sharpest is the time for the beginning of the concert on Saturday, the 28th. We must give time to the performers to catch the 9.45 train. Don't miss the first chorus. It begins at 7.35. Miss Nettie Greening, of .Lyndon and Daniel E. Hoy, of Scio, were raarried in Chelsea afr St. Mary's church by Kev.Fr. W. P. Considine last ïuesday. ïhe best wishes of host a of friends accompany the happy couple on their life's journey. ïhe preparations tor the Woman Christian Temperance Uuion convention which is to be held n the Baptist church in this city next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are being com. pleted and a most successful convention seems to be assured. All aboard for Ypsilanti! The Choral Union goes down next Saturday to see whether they can harmonize with the Yysilauti chorus. And they have done it once, so they will this time, and then everything will bein readiness for next week grand concert. Watch for. the bilis. There is in Ypsílanti a rival of our Amphioa club and a formidable rival it seems to be, numbering 24 of the best voices in that city. This club, named the Suppho club, will appear in this city at the grand concert to be given on Saturday, the 28th. üon't fail to hear them . Potatoes trom Ireland and cabbages from Gemany are amoug our daily luxuries. Who would have thougut it when both have always been so abuudant at home. Whatnext? We may get home beans from Tonquin or rye from;Capricorn. Itisgetting tobe a Snius matter by Gemini. Sweet Butter, on which one almost depends for happiness, as far as eating goes, seems to be growing "beautifully less" and less beautif ui as the spring advances. There being almost none and what there is not the best. But . it cannot be long before we shall have new grass and then won't we enjoy condensed lacteal all the more for the little fatniue we have had in this article offood. Chas. B. Davisou, of the Courier, oflice, left bis overcoat with bis iather in 1863, in Adrián, while he went out for a short time. He didn't return. He heard his father was dead and the father supposed him dead. They were reunited this week by a drummer who traced the relationship. Davison was home on Ja furlough in 1863, and was notüied to return at once, with just time to catch the train . Letters never reached their destination.


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