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Bad Business For The Brewers

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New York, April 17.- The brewery lockout has begun, and more than 5,000 brewers, brewerywagon drivers, maltsters, helpers, wagonmakers, coopers, painters, and apprentices in this city, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, and Staten Island are out of work. The financia! week of the workmen ended at noon Monday, and the employers told the men that hereafter they would manage their own business and employ no more union men. If any of the men wanted to work they must apply as individuals. The lock-out affects from 5,000 to 10,000 men. The men got their pay and repaired immediately to their headquarters at Clarendon hall. At the meeting of the employing brewers it was decided to organizo the new force of workers so as to start up the breweries Wednesday with the best of the new hands and such of the old hands as remain faithful, and to gradually increase the number of raw hands as safety warrants. It was resolved to observe the same hours and pay as for the past year. Also that all men applying for work will be asked to renounce all allegiance to any authority except themselves and their employers in regard to wages and hours. At the meeting of workmen in Clarendon hall it was resolved that they had been locked out and deprived of support without cause, and that they appeal to organized labor throughout the land, and to every honest, thinking man to help them in their struggle, A eommittee was appointed to meet and warn brewers who come here for work in answer to advertisements. Chicago, April 17. - There is no change in the brewers' strike here. The men are still out, and the employers are trying to hire other men, with what success is not certainly known. Cincinnati, O., April 17. - A eommittee of three each from the Central Labor union and from the local Brewers' union, No. 12, waited on the proprietor of Moerlin's brewery Monday afternoon and demanded the reinstatement of all the old men. Moerlin refused to comply, when he was"informed that a boycott would be deelarsd against him. A general lock out of all brewery employés will result from this action, and it is very probable that all the breweries in this city, Covington, and Newport will shut down.


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