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Washington City, April 12.- The Riddleberger resolution to inquire into the BritishVenezuelan inbroglio was reported to the senate Wednesday, with the preamble and other portions distasteful to the foreign relations committee stricken out,and passed as a simple interrogatory to the president. The president's message recommending the exclusión of French and Germán hog products was reported for reference to the finance committee. An executive session was held, and Jared L. Rathbone confirmed as consul-general at Paris. When the doors reopened Morrill made a speech criticizing the president's message.and advocating protection. The Dakota admission bill was discussed by Da vis, who supported división of the territory and admission of the southern portion. A bill ■was passed providing for the erection of a monument to Gen. Joseph Warren, who feil at Bunker Hill. The military appropriation bill was passed, and the bill to purchase for ?20,000 the sword of Washington, now owned by Mrs. Lewis, considered without action. after which the senate adjourned. The house stayed awake all night and until Wednesday at 7 p. m. , nothing being done but the usual dilatory motions. At 7 p. m., the house then having been in continuous session for thirtv-one hours, a reoess was taken until 11 :45 Thursday. Washington City, April 13. - As soon as the morning business, which was not important, was over in the senate Thursday, Coke took the floor and spoke in support of the policy set forth in the president's tariff message. Then the Dakota admission bill came up and Turpie advocated admission of the whole territory as one state in an extended speech, while C'ulloin spoke in favor of admitting the south half, as provided in the bill. The senate then proceeded to executive business, and when the doors reopened adjourned. The house, amid a wild scène, the members jood naturedly chaffliig each other and frequently maUing the ceiling of the chamber tremble with cheers, adopted a motion to adjourn until Friday, thus breaking the deadlock which had lasted eight days. Washington City, April 14 - The Democrats in the house wanted to dispense with the reading of the Journal of the past eight days Friday, when the speaker called the members to order, but Grosvenor and E. B. Taylor of Ohio both objected, and as unanimous consent was necessary the Journal had to be read. There were ninety pages of it, and in addition thereto seventy-one roll calis, it took an hour to get through with it in skeleton form, that being all the Republicans demanded. A number of executive documents weve then referred, the postoffice appropriation bill reported and reEerred to committee of the whole, and the conference reports on bilis relating to Indian lands agreed to. The speaker then called for reports on private bilis which brought out a big list to go on the calendar. A claim for compensation for the occupation of certain property by United States troops at Memphis during the war took up the remainder of the day until 5 p. m. , when a recess was taken to 7:30, at which hour the house reassembled and passed fifty-five pension bilis, and then adjourned for the day. The senate was not in session, having adjourned on Thursday until Monday. Washington City, April 10.- The legislative,executive, and judicial appropriation was reported to the house Saturday and referred to committee of the whole. Among the bilis for public buildings reported was one for Fremont, Neb. The house in committee of the whole took up the Indian appropriation, but the debate soon drifted to the tariff, Perkins of Kansas opening the ball, and Allen of Mississippi and others participating, while Joseph of New Mexico took the opportunity to advocate the admission of that territory to statehood. After this the house got to work on the appropriation bill and considered it by seetions, an amendment being adopted appropriatiug $20,000 for the Medwakanton Indians in Miunesota. Without completing the bill the committee rose and the house adjourned. Washington C'iyy. April 17. - A bill was introduced in the senate Monday to give a pension of $5,000 per year to the widow of Chief Justice Waite. Riddleberger offered a resolution for the public consideration of the fisberies treaty. Farwell spoke on financial questions, and offered two amendments to the bill providing for the investment of certain funds now in the treasury. The Dakota bill carne up, and Spooner made a speech in favor división. Three private pension vetoes were read and referred to the pensions committee. One of them, in the case of Hannah R. Langdon, after it was read, broughtfrom Edmunds the remark that he believed the president had been misled in the matter, and he hoped it might berecalled, but not expecting this he trusted the pensions committee would act promptly in the matter. The senate then went into executive session, and at 4:45 p m. adjourned. In the house bilis were introduced for therection of an academie building and a gyme nasium at West Point : for the ref unding of the income tax levied during the rebellion on the salaries of officers of the army and navy ; for public buildings at Parsons, Wellington, and Independence, Kan. Resolutions - Declaring it the sense of the house that the secretary of the treasury has power to use the surplus for the purchase of United States bonds, and that it should be so used ; directing the banking and currency committee to report bilis abolishing national banks and permitting the taxation of greenbacks; deelaring pools, trusts, etc. , unlawf ui and criminal conspiracies. The Arthur Kill bridge bill was passed under suspension of the rules. An attempt to do the same with the river and harbor bill failed for want of the necessary two-thirds vote, but a resolutiou declaring it to be the sense of the house that existing law empowers the treasury to apply the surplus to the redemption of bonds was adopted under suspension of the rules, there being but (4 nay votes, all of them extreme silver men. The vote was not partisan. The house then adjourned. Washington City, April IS.- Bills were reported to the senate Tuesday appropriating L100,000 for a public building at Wichita, Kan., and iw.OOO for one at Burlington, Ia. Edmunds insisied that Riddleberger'a fisheries resolution should be considered in secret session, and it was done, and the resolution posponed until the foreign relations committee repórts on a similar one now pending. The bill forfeiting eertain railway land grants was amended so as to secure to settlers who have taken up homesteads in good faith a clear title to the lands so taken up. Vest then spoke on the Dakota bill in answer to Spooner's speech of Monday. He declared that Dakota had erred in setting up a state government without first obtaing the consent of congress. The bill was then laid aside, a number of private pension bilis passed, and the senate adjourned. Bills were referred to committee of the whole by the house: For a branch soldiere' home in Grant county, Ind. ; to créate boards of arbitration for the settlement of troubles between coramon carrière and their employés. Bills were reported favorably for the erection of public buildings at Sioux City, Ia. ; Helena, Mont., and Raeine, Wis; also to prohibit the importation of convictmade goods. Mills then moved that the house go into eommitt e to consider the tariff bill, which was carried, and he made an extended speech in favor of the bill of the ways and means committee. Kelly of Pennsylvania followed in opposition, and when he had concluded the house adjourned.


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