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TÍt nslne ( OIT COS OVF-Í OAT ïïrfïGY V IT Kunt Friday, run ït to Church Sunday. Eight Fabhionable Sliades: Black. Maroon, VcnniTion Iïlue, Yellow, Olive Lake, Brewstcr and Wagon Greens. No Varnijbing recessary. Irie& Inirj illí a "ü;no." One Coat and job is done. YOUR BUCCY Tip top for Chairs, Liiwn Seats, Sash, Flower PotS, Iiaby Carrï.iges, Curtain Poles, Funiiture, Front DooK Store-ironts, Screen Doors, Bont?, Man les, Jrun Fences, in iact evcrythtng. Just the tliing for the iadies to usc about tUe house FOR OME DOLLAR GOITS HONEST Are you poiiig lo Paint thís yeari If so. don't buy a palnt COiUailimg water or benznie when for the sanie inoney (or iicarly so) j-oucan procure CQITJkCU'S VVUk I'UT ïhat ís warrantcd to bean mom sr. mm ik n skkü-OH paixt and free from water and benzine. Hcmand Ihts brnuri and lalct n othrr, MerchanU handliiiR it are our agents and autliorizcd by us. in wzfting, to nrr.u.t 1 lo ." VKAKH vitli 'J (OAT8 or S YfURS wUh 2 fOAT9. Our Sliades are the l-atcst Stylcs nsod ín the East nnw beconiing so populiif in the Vest, and up with the times Try tliis brand of MOJÍÉST I'Al.VT and you will ncver regret i:. Tl:is to the vise is sunitient HOUSE PAINT COÏT'S FLOÖR PAINT Palnt tht ncrer dried beyond the stïcky yKiint, waste a weck, 5poil the job, and tlien sweari Ne lime cali for OOIT TS VUHn PAIKT ♦ riopular and suit.ible ibade. nrrmit+d ! dry hmr4 ■ m, rork trr alftbl. No troisble Nt SWONT DRY STICKY GO ,rem ui il -iS au Ei CO Ui eO 3 SE ar s ÍS! s;g '.'3 o Sri É la ■-o ■ ï"O ÍS o S " s ico ijl 36= ■ c.


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