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A cigar manufacturar wanted at Grass Lake. South Lyon liquor bonds have been reduced to $3,000. Delhi has a string band which goes serenading o'nights. Harry Haywood, of Salrm, has joined the regular army. Augustus Weis, of Freedom, is building a new 39 by 46 barn. Henry Jewett doesn't want the Saline marshalship on his píate. The oíd Beman school house in Waterloo has been pulled down. The M. E. church in Lima organízed a Sunday school last Sunday. The stone for the new Salem M. E. church is already on the ground. Work on the new Stockbridge Baptist church will commence next Tuly. Manchester township pays no bounty on wood chuck scalps this jear. The old frame school house in Stockbridge sold at auction recently for $35. Cigars, candy and change vvere what the burglars took f rom Oberst store in Ypsilanti. Fourteen new bicycles have been purchased by Ypsilanti's young Americans, this season. Ypsilanti is threatened with another laundry. Ifit comes, it will come from Grass Lake. Supervisor Osborne, bf Sharon, has sold a nine months old calf which weighed 770 poünds. Charles Brian died April iSth in Ypsilanti of consumption He was just twenty-one years of age. Seventeen more electric lights have been located in Ypsilanti in an effort to turn night into day. Claude Larzelere, of the Ypsilanti Normal, is now editor of the Quincy Herald and a good editor too. Milán needs a fire department and unless this need is satisfied, Milan may awake some morning in ashes. No more fishing in Lyndon lakes. At least not for the present. The game warden may have something to say. Esquire D. W. Hitchcock will erect an elevator, 24x36 feet with a capacity of 10,000 bushels at Milan junction. Mike B renner, of Manchester, has sold out his livery stock. We may one day write his name Sheriff Brenner. E. P. Britton, the Stony Creek blacksmith, talks of moving, which will créate another business opening in Stony Creek. Llielsea will iiot get the Taekson brewery. It will stay in Jackson and fight the constitutionalitv of the Jocal option law. The next Stockbridge fair will be held October "2nd, 3rd and 4th. The association is out of debt and has $1,636.28 on hand. Wabash street in Milan will be graded sure this year, "For he himself has said it"- the mighty chairman of the street committee. A burglar who attempted to enter a Sauth Lyon store last week was fired at by the proprietor but unfortunately escaped unhurt. Dundee is still excited over its gas well. A second well will be bored at an early date, and it is hoped that this time gas may be found. C. M. Fellows, of Sharon, has isheared a 29 pound fteecefrom his 4-year old General Dix,Jr. Acme, another four year old, sheared 27 pounds. One Stony Creek cow is no more. It was a case of the survival of the fittest or strongest. The surviving cow hooked the other one tp death. Early peas have been sown in Augusta in fact Will Ballard fot in two acres of them two weeks ago. Query. How many peas will those two acres yield. Mrs. Forsythe, of Ypsilanti, has received $5,000 insurane on her husband's life from the A. O. U. W. and the Royal Arcanum. The insurance was promptly paid. Pensions have been granted to Charles S. Hewitt, of Dexter, Mrs. Sarah J., widow of John Bowles, of Ypsilanti and Mrs. Christie A., widow of Daniel Gates, also of Ypsilanti. A York young man is credited with piecing a bed quilt containing 1764 pieces. And now is the time for our sisters of the gentier sex, to demand protection from masculine competition. Richard Mitchell died in Unadilla April 14, aged 37 years. He carne to Dexter township in 1870 and three years later married Miss Catherine McGraw. He leaves a wife and seven children. The Michigan Central will be asked to reimburse Mrs. Bramley for injuries received at their depot in Ypsilanti. She is in poor circumstances and the. company will probably compromise the case. The Ypsilantian office was set on fire last week, by the electric light wires coming into contact ánd setting the wood work afire. Editor Smithe with a water pail and gome water extinguished the conflagration. The mind of the editor of the Saline Observer must have been lightly turning to thoughts of love this week as he says the assessec valuation of the farms of this county is $So6, From whence does the county, then get its equalize assessment of $30,000,000. A correspondent of the Ypsilan tian endeavors to give our neighbor the Greek city rather a bad reputa tion by claiming that he can give the locations of gambliug dens, "ñames o proprietors, dealers, cappers steerers ropers in and many patrons." It the correspondent knows so much, Ie him give the public the benefit of hi knowledge. A correspondent of the Milán Leader calis attention of the grea economy shown in storing the Milan village road scraper during the winter months "on the solid ground under the starry dome of the sky." Hesays: The scraper now appears with a rich bronze hue on the entire face of the blade, the paint is reduced from a harsh red to a soft crushed strawberry, and the joints of the machine will no doubt show a more pliable disposition than during the ast session. On Thursday last Haselschwardt's were sawing pickets at Casper Jacobs' near the stone school house, n Sharon, and at about 7 o'clock in he evening, as they were about done, Christian Luft, a bachelor brother of Jacobs', feil against the aw in such a marmer that his left arm was sawed twice in two, and his ide badly lacerated. Dr. Kapp amjutated the arm and dressed the vounds, but the unfortunate man, jeing 60 years of age, could not tand such a ghock, and died on Saturday morning. The funeral was ïeld at the Germán church on Monay. - Manchester Enterprise. - Deputy Warden Kouse made a np down the river as far as Milan, he other day, having heard that ish were being shot and speared by aw!ess characters. At Mooreville, ie found several men with guns, near the river probably with the intention of shooting fish, at least when they saw him they made a break for some woods. as fast as they could go. .Judging, and rightly so it proved, that the men would come out to a road an the opposite side of the timber, Rouse made a detour with his horse and buggy, and got around there just in fime to meet the bold hunters coming through, who when they discovered the deputy warden scampered back agaJn through the woods at a faster gait than before, if possible. Saline Observer.


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