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Evnsvillb, Ind., April 33.- The famous sw├╝tuner, Paul Boyton, at 2 o'olock Saturday afternoon reached this city, the terminus of bis farewell long journey of 800 railes f rom Wheeling, W. Va. There were 8,000 to 10,000 people gathered at the wharf to greet hun, while the river itself was alive with a multitude of large and small crafts, and a party of press representatives went up the river to net and escort him to the city. He could scarcely force his way through the dense throng after landing, but finally reached his carriage. The captain's face shows he must have suffered greatly f rom the effects of the sun and wind. The first few days it was swollen so that he could hardly see, and twice during his journey it has been blistered so as to require the use of a lance. When he left "VVheeling he weighed 198 pounds. He has redueed himself so that he will now turn the scales at 172 pounds. He announced in an interview that this journey closed his career as a long-dis tance swimmer, and that he will confine hiniself in the future to occasional short exhibitions. This retirement of the most noted swimmer in the world will leave the field open to other aspirante to the championship. He left in the evening for Chicago to rejoin his family.


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