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llr n!mr COIT CON OVF-IO.VT BEDOT P.UXT iil ; 1 liday, nin ie toClmrch Smulay. Eigllt 'asliion.iblc Sh.ulcs: 1 1-Kk, Maroon, Vcrimlion , -v. Olive Lflfce. Browstcr and Wagon Jrcens. K Vamishlnf nc?SMry. Drio luril Hiih ii "fcbiac." One Coat and Job is done. YOUR BUCCY Tip tnp ftr Chnin, Lan Scat-i, Sash, Flo--r I'ots, I3ahy Carriegos. Curtaln ?olcs, Hurnittire. 'ront Doors, Storc-friMils, Screen Doors. Eoats, Man les. Iron Fetices. is tiet everylhinj. Just lie tliinüi for th: lajics to usc about Ilie house FOR ONE DOLLAR GOITS HOMEST re r.u edng 10 F.iint tWi yearl lf so. dont my a j-.mí ■ ontaín ng water or benzine when fortiie same rnonryíornearlyioíyoucan procure OlTl.'S II..K rilM' that is wnrrnntcd to bean nos: nt, .ím : ■ ;. u sri.i-on, faixt nid frec froni water md beitzínfc Drmand thl hrntid nnl tnke no tii -r. Merchants handling t are our a?rnts and iiitfiriícd ly u. In wrnmji, to rr:ml !i fíi "rnr fl ÏLAKS wfth ÍCOATSor :í VEAR9 Ith 1 CO.ITS. Our Sh.ides are the Latest Styies used in the East now bccoini so popular ín tiie VSt, ftnd up ith the tim Try this brand cf tKAïsf l'MXT and you wil never regre: it T!iia to the wisc is sufhcient HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTE5Í Paint that never dried beyond the sticky point. w.islc a week. spoil the job, and tlien swearl Next time cali for 001T CON OOR PUH 4 popular and suitablc shades, narran! fd lo tlry hnW ■ a rutk arar niglat. No troubie. No .lWONT DRY ST1GKY J5 53 =S JJ f u ui CO o jr il Ii il y S B ? 5 L3 III til 3 c " v ■ w ca" J ar '


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