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The Old Doctors Drew blood, modern doctors eleanse it ; henee the increased demand for Alteratives. It is now well known that most diseases are due, not to over-abundauce, but to iinpurity, of the Blood ; and it is equally well attested that no blood medicine is so efficacious as Ayer's Sarsaparilla. " One of my children had a large sore break out on the leg. We applied simple remedies, for a while, thinking the sore would shortly heal. But it grew worse. We sought medical advice, and were told that an alterative medicine was necessary. Ayer's Sarsaparilla being Recommended above all others, we used it with marvelous results. The sore healed and health and strength rapidlv returned." - J. J. Armstrong, Weiiuar. Texas. "I find Ayer's Sarsaparilla to be an admirable remedy for the cure of Mond diseases. I prescribe it, and it. does tlia work every timn." - E. L. I'ater, M. D., Manhattan, Kansas. " We have sold Ayer's Sarsaparilla here for over fchirty years and always recommend it when asked to name the best blood-purifler." - "W. T. McLeau, Druggist, Augusta! Ohio. "Ayer's medicines continue to be the Standard remedies in spite of all competition. " - 'T. W. Kichmond, Bear Lake, Mich. Ayer's Sarsapariila, PREPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Price $1; six boules, $5. Worth $5 a bottle. C. H. St. Clair & Sons, MANUFACTURERS OF Schooi and Ghurch FLRNITURE Opera House Unairs and WIND-MILLS. Are now prepared to manufacture school and churcb furniture, opera house chairs, lawn settees and camp tables and the TRIUMPH windmill, the best and simplest and most reliable in use. Repairing done on short notice. Also dealer in pumps, cylinders, pipe, etc. Tans made to order. Ladders, berry crates, peach boxes in fact, AM ARTKLE UI TD MIER 33 Fonrth Stieet Ui ARBOPu MICH. JOH1VT BV. HU3TT3 UK ALE K HARDWARE, NO. 6 S. MAIN T., Gr AS IiTTIlff G AND PLÚMBIN.G, Xails, Iron, Steel, Glass, Pumps, Gas, and Water Pipes, Shovels, Farming Tools and Builden' Materials. A New and Useful Inyention. Patent Heater and Lantern. Vu absolute necessity for any one travelling in a buggy, carriage, wagon, cutter sleigh, miïk'and delivery wagon Invaluable foi liacks and omnibuses. It is a perfect security froin tire, is O matches beinsr required to mstantlj liht the lanfern without disturbing the globe. Rain and wind will not afI fect it. Gives a nice light to drive by. FOR SALE AT M, M.,Greeis LiVeriJs 17 XORTH FOÜRTH ST.


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