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The C. , J. & M. has a little sink hole on its line north of Hud-on to which it has fed 000 car-loads of enrth, bu ; still it calis f or more. The appearance of the spring hat early in April in many Michigan towns, seems to have been a trine premature. Most of 'em have since wrestled with a bad case of influenza - that is the wearers have. The Orpban asylum at Grand Rapids, for which the late John Clancy willed SOO.OOO, is likely to be a go. It will cost $Í5,OOO when completed and be a credit to the second city. A Hanover man is the reputed owner of a freak in the shape of a calf with a dog's head. Martin Davis, the Oscoda man wtio feil into a vat of boiling brine, didn't long survive the blistering bath. Freight handlers at several Michigan lake ports are demanding S5 per day of ten hours. Skilled labor comes high this season. A Lansing church is tohave a boy choir, bedecked with robes. "I want to be an angel" will doubtless be a favorite air. Port Huron is to have a sulphite fiber factory, the buildings of which will cover three acrefof ground. They are to be brick structures, seven in number, and a valuable addition to her industries. A Tuscola county citizen, of a dropsical tendeucy, has been relieved of a ton and a quarter of superfluous water during the past seven years, although it required 184 tappings to do the job. He still appcars to be good f or another seven years' siege. Rev. J. F. Dickie, the oldest Presbyterian clergyman in Detroit, in point of continuóos service, has a cali from American residents in Paris, and may accept. A Cheboygím lumber flrm has already sold 16,000,000 feet of lumber this season at good pnces, ana sein has tne material on ñaua with which to repeat tho operation. A fifty-eight inch saw went to pieces in .1 Northvüle mili the other day, several of the hands narrowly escaping an instant death. Some of FUnt's monied raen have invested $40,000 in a Mdbile, Ala., enterprise. A Davisburgh farmer lost a barn by fire recentty through the agencj of his children and some matches,, wtiich usually proves to be a combustible combination. Por appropriating his employer's overcoat, a Kalamazoo citizen has been given a threo years' laj--ofE at Jackson. A Roscommon county lumber firm have their various camps eonnected by a telephone line ílfty miles in length. Eliza Mills, an Ionia lady of $3 years, is bright and lively, and walks nearly a mile three times a week to attend religious services. She never employed a servant, and still does her own work. Of the 1,850 bodies that have inhabited Pinewood cemetery at Port Hurón only 150 remain, the others having been moved to a new burial ground. Those still remaining will also be moved. Mary Dundas, a Lansing vidow, was injured by an unruly sidewalk of that town, and Mary modestly asks for L5,000 with which to soothe her feelings, and support herself and cfiildren. John Nelson, a Montague somnambulist, aróse early one morning, and unconsciously took a ramble that brought him into White lake. Although he speedily walked out again death resulted soon afterward. Contact with water seeips to be a great surprise to the average Montague man. It takes twenty-eight cords of stave bolts to feed the Mantón mili daily. It nlso turns out some 15,000 broom-handles per diem. Four million feet of maple and elm logs are worked up yearly. The monthly pay-róll figures up about $,000. TV. G. Woodward, a Big Eapids citizen, is a hustler. He went to California, got married, took in the sights, rambled o'er oíd Mexico, carne home, made a business trip to Gotham, and retumed to the Rapids, all inside of thirty days. A little Michigan Centre girl, 5 years of age, was terribly burned by the accidental spilling of sulphuric acid, and cannot live. Her clothing was entirely consumed. The Lansing printers' strike is at an end, some of the striking eompositors having retumed to work, while others continue to run The Tribune, a morning paper established by them se nne weeks agO, Crojjswell people have made such a demand for new spring suite that the local tatlor shop keeps eighteon hands bumping right along. The students of the state agricultura! ?ollege have all skipped for their homes ón account of the appearance of scarlet fever at that shrine of learning, John Rock, an East Saginaw citizen who wandered off to California seventeen years ago, has returned to the bosom of his family to let 'em know that he isn't dead, as they had long supposad, Olivet college is to have a new Hbrary at a cost of 830,000. Flint is agitating the idea of a mammoth orwimery with a daily capacity of 1,000 pounds of butter. Although Flint didn't secure the Gate plow works, she's bound to have some of the good things of this life, nevertheless. For the killing of his wife on the Grand Trunk road, Henry A. ünderhill brought suit agmnst that Corporation in the sum of $10,000, but got left, the case being dismissed froiu the Eaton county circuit court. Fire destroyed Fisher's saw and sbingle mili at Cora', entailing_ a loss Of ö5,000; insured for 8:2,000. Professor M. E. Wadsworth, of the Houghton mining school, bus been appointed state guologist to succeed Charles E. Wright, deceased. Mr. W. has the reputation of a thorough practical knowledge of ge.ology and mineralogy. Mr. and Mr. L A. Tuw i, of Grand Rapids, were killed in the railway accident; ut Olieans, Neb,, while on a visit to that state. A Nortll Muskegon couple, whose respective ages of 63 and (il years, ought to be a sufftcient guaran tee of mature judgment,bave set sail on the sea matrimonial. A Xorthville chap has been amusing himself by firing stones at passing trains. One engineer and several passengers have been injured. A chap with a sore arm interested the syrnpathy of a Grand Rapids druggist while a pal of tho fornier made a litiul of $W wórth of hard cash from the merchant's till. Doublé dealiug isn't a rare thing nowadays. A two-foot vein of hard coal is said to have been discovered on D. P. Whiönore's farm near Mason, only thirty fet-t lelow the surface. When förests disappeav before the woodman's ax Bomettaing usually comes to the front as a good substitute for fuel. A Gratiot !oimty girl eloped with her pa's hired man because she was scolde.l for wearing out her xhoes too fast. -The paternal ancestor is of the opinión, however, that if the girl bas any uhoesto wear in the future she'U have toaarn them herself. H. H. Ferguson, a Romo farmer, is the proud owner of a pair of yearling calves that weigli 2,0)0 pounds. Muuy fi line. roast there. A Hatii-rxli e.l.ap ransacked hisroom-mate's pockets, and hen the latter discovered his loss generously offered to divide with hira. In doing so lie .- cideutally pulled out n stolen check that gave him away and now the K. c. boardeth at the bastile and 1 plates the devious ways of a wicked world. A Saugatuek farmer, who thought the price of windmilla too high, constructed one on his own hook at a cost of Í10 tliat is said to pump water faster than a local optionist can drink it. A Detroil mule had a tiissle with hydrophobia, but ''kicked" in vain, as the disease was too nuich for it. This issupposed to be the first rase on record where a mulé had to surrendep. Whoever wiU corral the fire-bug that is suppoaed to have illuminated Traverse City on sev insof late, and retunt him in a bealthy condition to that burg, will be presented a cash purse of Í500. The celery industry is increasing at Jackson, one grower alone planting thirty-eight aores this season. Tbe demand in past years is said to have exceeded the supply. The melting snows revealed the dead body of a man some six or seven miles from Mancelona, who is supposed to have perished in a January blizzard. Hs was apparently about 60 years of age, and the body had been badly mutilated by wild beasts. Mis. Mary L. Doe, president of the Equal Suffrage association of Michigan, has issued an ppeal to the voters of the state, for the enfranchiseraent of women. Jacob Browning, a 15-year-old lad employed in the Buckley & Douglas mili at Manistee, was caiight by the driving belt, carried over a pulley and iustantly killed. Hon. George W. Jones, whose aged wife died recently at Dubuque, Ia., was Michigan's last ten'itoi'ial delégate in congress. He is now S3 yeai-s old and had boen married sixty years. A training school for the propogation of Congregational preachers is to be established at Lansing.


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