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A Regular May Meeting

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The regular Muy meeting of the common council was held Moutlay eyening, all the council being present except Aid. Miller who was locked up in a jury room, wliile on a jury in the circuit court which could not agree. After the roll cali, the minutes of the meetings for the past month were read and approved. David Henning presented a peti" tion, claiming dainages from the city. The petition set forth his ownership of eleven acres of land across the railroad, access to which he claimed had been cut off by the closing of State street and the raising of Pontiac street. The matter was referred to the street committee and the city attorney. The church of the Disciples of Chriit were given tlie use of one third of the street subject to the supervisión of the street committee while building a church on the corner of William and División streets. The city marshals report showed eight airests to have been made during the past month of which flve were for drunkenness,oneforassault and battery for citj ordinance and one for the violation of the liquor law. His report for the poor f und showed a ment by the marshal of 238.80 during the' past mouth, ,of which $5.50 was paid from the flrst ward fund 13$,16 from the second, 35.61 from the third f91.63 from the fourth, 60.71 from the üfth, $32.15 from the sixth. The treasurer's report showed a disbursement during the uionth of $2,962.67 on orders drawn by the old council, which leaves a balance on hand in the city treasurv of $4,723.19. This balance is in the following funds contingent $1,918.97, General street $98.63, lirst ward 1,063.51, second ward 1,094.34, third ward 1,103.59, fourth ward 339.30, flfth ward 511.52, sixth ward $364.32, city cemetery, 64.82, dog tax $188.32, water works So,407. OS. The following funds were overdrawn: General, $3,978.73;delinquent,$l,562.57. The flnance committee recommended the allowance of accounts amounting to 1,2-18.73 to be paid from the following funds: First ward, S12.75; second, '7; third. $84.36', fourth, 120.01; fifth, $268 14; sixth. S193.20; general street, $193.20; general. fund, $65.79; contingent, $433.67; city cemetery, $9.00. Aid. Allmendiuger moved that a sidewalk be ordered built on the soutli west corner of Summit and Fourth streets to a point eiglit rods from Summit street. Carried. On motion of Aid. Wines it was ordered that therecoider have printed a suitable receipt book to be used by the city treasurer, coniprising duplícate receipts: one of which is to be given any city offlcer or other person who roay pay money into the city treasurer and its duplícate to be issued and liled as such with the Kecorder by the treasurer. The constables bond of Ilenry Marsh and the druggists bond of Mann Bros. were approved. The bonds of Fred Reijnold, Christopher P. Carry, Wrn. Goetz and George A. Weidlich were approved. The bond of Millman & McNalley was returned for correction and the correction being made the bond was approved. The bond of LarryKahoe was returned. A motion was made to reject the bond of Mrs. Mary Schaible, but after listening to a touching argument f rom P. McKernan, on motion of Aid. Hammond e bond was approved. The bid of the Savings Bank for the deposit of the city funds, being the highest, was accepted. The interest to be received by the city is three and onetenth per cent on deposits. A board of review was appointed consisting of John Thompson, .N. J. Kyerand E. 1'. Mason. The matter of paying a bilí of S150 for three year'3 rent of the market place was presented and after some discussion was referred back to the coinmittee for further report. The council then adjourned.


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