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Hogs Under Ypsilanti's Front Stoops

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Edward Batwell, chief of the lire depar.tment and healtli officer of Ynsilanti always rnakes original reporta lo the city council, not always it must be admitted couehed in the most respectf ui terms, but generally his remarks are emphatic. In his health report hespeaks of Ypsilanti's liking for hog pens in the following woids: "As usual all hog psns take tlie flrst position in the line of nuisances, but as the council seems to favor their presence. they have to be accepted as one of the grounds on which the city can be "boomed. " The tact that anyone can keep lrogs under their front stoop ousjht of itself to induce a larse influx of desirable residents. The doctors, he says, are of the opinLoa that "Ypsilanti is in a ridiculous state of rude health." In his lire report he pitches into the newspapers, speaks of the lire alarm bell heing heard three miles down the river and not tlurty rods off on Iluron street and wants the bell utilized as "a üt starter for building a church." íle tells the council what he wóuld recommend if he thought it would do any good and concludes with the following sentiment: "If a henroost takes fin in Ypsilauti it is expected the üre will be put out bel'ore steamia got up,or the chiekens awake to the realization of their danger.'"


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