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Paying The Liquor Tax

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The eounty treasurer up to yesterday iiooii had received 14,460 The four brewers of the eounty, Hardinghaus and Martin & Fisher, of this city, L. Z. Foerster, of Ypsilanti, and John Koen, of Manchester, had all paid their tax. The saloonkeepers who have paid their tax are as follows: Ann Arbor city, $500.- Fred Besluier, William L. Frank, C. Franz Kapp, John Reynolds, August Hflrz, William H. Mclntyre, Chas. Binder, George Clarken, William Goetz, Fred Brown. Ann Arbor city, $300.- Gottlieb Knapp, Chris Gauss, H. C. Exinger, John Snyder. Chelsea- F. and T. McJJ amara, S500; Fred Frey, $500; Catherine Girbach, f300; Stephen Clark, $500; Chris Klein, 8500; Dexter- John Bohnet, $500; Patrick Fitzsimmous, S500; Chris. Loefller, SóOO; L. V. Hall, S300; l'eter Guiñan L300. Manchester- Jacob F. Miller, 3500; H. J. Burtis, 3300; William Kirchgessner, 8500; W. H. Lahr, 3500. Saline- John G. Frank, $500; Otta Jarrandt, 5500; John Schafer, $500. Bridge water- L. Z. Foerster, 300. Lodi- John F. Lutz, S300. Vpsilanti- Geo. W. Oady, $500.


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