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A good part of Friday and Saturday was taken up in the trial of Jacob W'eidelich for the stabbing aöray in Fittsield just bef ore the local optiou elecion. Weidelich was defended by Densmore Cramer. The defense was that the stabbing was done in self-defense. A little amusement was f urnished by the efforts made by Mrs. Whiting to be heard in defense of the prisouer. The prosecutmg attorney objected and the judge decided that she was not entitled to be heard in the defense. The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. The case of Simon Sims vs Ypsilanti Paper Company bas been continued on. The case of Chas. Howell vs. John Huddy and otters, was continued on application of the plaintiü. On Monday the case of Bernard Parker vs William Glover was tried with a jury. This was a Bohemian oat note case. The defendant gave such a note, which the plaintiff purchased. The suit was brought to secure the money paid for the note, the claim being made that Parker did not purchase the note, but took ït up for Glover. The jury was out until a late hour and were unable to agree. It is understoou that on the flrst ballot they stood 11 to 1 for the plaintiff, on the second they agreed for the plaintiff. Aiterward they disagreed and before they were finally charged they stood 7 to 5. Such is the uncertainty of a jury's verdict. Josiah F. Sanders vs Martin Breining was discoritinued without costs. A udgment for the plaiutifï in Ella I3ureigh vs Stephen A. DeXike was rendered for $163.48 and costs. A judgment for the plaiutifï vas also rendered in the case of George Perry vs Jacob Emerick. The j udgment entered m the case of Harvey Bennett vs Buit Lowndsbury et al. was dismissed as to Mi's. Budd. Jerome Germán vs. John W. Clark, Admr., ten days extensión of time in which to prepare and serve bill of exceptions. The case of C. M. Davis vs. J. G. Wagner wasjdiscontinued on application of the plaiutifï on payment of defendaut's costs.


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