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Joshua Cox, of Augusta, has a new barn. The measles still prevail in Saline township. S. C. Wheeler, of Salem, has his new barn up. More than half of the Manchestei saloons have closed. Hamburg has a ball club which is challenging the universe. Two more new wheels are addec to the ranks of the Ypsilanti bicycle boys. There have been over sevent) cases of measles in Mooreville, this season. The Hamburg hotel has been turned into a boarding house and the bar closed. About twenty-five cans of condensed milk are shipped from Salem station daily. Jacob Wilpert is one of the Sharon farmers who will have a new house this summer. W. R. Mount, has been elected superintendent of the Sharon Center M. E. Sunday school. Rev. Mr. Pope will preach the memorial sermón before the G . A. R., of Manchester, next Sunday. No mili for South Lyon yet1 "although an occasional rumor of one projected excites the people. Considerable building is being done in various parts of the county and some new farm housesare going up. Orange Peach, of Green Oak, has been planting peach trees. He ought also to invest in a Florida orange grove. Clara Harris, a young colorea girl of Ypsilanti, while playing on the streets last week feil and severely factiired her leg. Ed. I. Coffin, of Clinton, has decided to lócate at Aberdeen, Wasliington territory, and expected to leave for his new home to-day. The house of Miss B. A. Perkins, of Salem, caught fire the other day and was saved only after a hard fight by a volunteer corps of neighbors. Jacob Sturm, the carriage and harness makers, of Saline, has opened a branch office in Britton and is also improving his residence jn Saline. A barbed wire fence severely injured a valuable horse belonging to O. Bangs, of Unadilla, last week. Tally one more accident against the barbed wire. M. Brennor, of Manchester, has his eye on the sheriiT's office, and there are lots of vaters in the county who would work hard to elect him to that responsible position in tenaw. - Admití Pres. The new Ypsilanti bicycle club has the following ofticersj captain and president, W. H. Smithj first lieutenant and vice-president, Mr. Beach; second lieutenant, Ed. Wallace; secretary and treasurefj Will Kishlar. Robt. C. Auld, of near Pincknev, the breeder of the celebrated polled Angus cattle, had his face and hands badïy scalded by escaping steam caused by a railroad accident inCambria, Missouri, caused by telescoping of two trains. Mrs. Prudence Packard died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. M. Farley, in South Lyon, May 4th aged 86 years. She was the mother of Israel D. Packard and Mrs. Aunty B. Renwick, of Salem. She moved to Salem in 1S32 with her husband, Alexis Packard, and remained on the farm where they settled, until Mr. Packaid's death in 187S. Will Farrand possesses a "freak of nature" in the shape of a five-legged lamb, about three weeks old, on the Belknap farm. The extra member is a fore-leg with separate shoulcler blade and perfect knee-joint and young wool}1, when taking nourishment from ts mother, gracefully goes down on three knees. The young freak appears to be healthy. - Stockbridge Sun. A little item inserted in these columns some weeks ago without any desire to give oíFense, so piqued an editor of a country exchange that he endeavorcd to retalíate by making what he considered as severe a charge against the editor of this paper as he could. So he accused us of having once upon a time edited a prohibition paper. There was not the least foundation for the charge. VVith as much foundation might he have accused us of murder. He corrected the accusation the following week, but the lie seems to be travelling around among some of our exchanges. A good joke is related on the deputy game warden and one of our good natured doctors. A colored fish peddler in town last week, brought some bass for the said doctor, by previous arrangement, and the game warden catching sight of them, volunteered the information that it was unlawful to catch said fish. The doctor became frightened, and while the warden was hunting up the law in question, took the fish back to the peddler, who also caught the scare infection and hustled out of town as fast as he could go. After he had gone it was found that the bass had been caught in Lake Ene, where the law makes an exception, only applying to the interior waters of the state, but the doctor had lost his fish. - Saline Observer.