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L,. H. Clement was in town Tuesday. Bert Rogers is able to ride out agairi J Géorge Ehnis reports tailorirrg business rushing this spring. Conrad Shafer and son, Willíe, were at the county capital Wednesday. The Methodists have posponed their May day festival because of the measles scare. J. H. Bortle has fitted up an catino- room in the rearpart of his store. An improvement. Weather permitting, tvvo ot our wheelmen vvill run to Detroit Saturday to spend a few days. G. L. Parsons of C. Parson's firrn, opened a clothing and gent's iurnishing goods store Wednesday with about $6,000 stock. S. H. Hartwell was at home the first of the week. He is traveling for the Albion Manufacturing Co., selling farming implements. Barnum's bill posters decorated the church sheds and scattered flyers about town 011e day last week, as though printers ink and paper did not cost them much. S. D. Bechtel had the misfortune last Monday to drop one of the "pony" milistones on his foot, consequently he wears a large slipper and limps when he walks. Union schools give a free public entertainment in chapel hall Friday evening this week. The Germán class will rendei a play in Germán' with the assistance of their instructor, Miss M. R. DePuy. Miss Mattie Pickle died last week Friday morning, with measles and congestión of the brain, after less than one week's illness. 'Tis a sad loss for her mother, as she was the only child. Age about 14 years. "Have you had the measles?" is a common interrogative here of late. About forty scholars are out of school this week for fear of catching them, though at date of correspondence (Wednesday) there are only 3 or 4 cases reported. Should there be more cases the schools will probably close for a time. H. Collum's case is becoming serious to all appearances. The hand that was injured in the Saline milis some time ago is doing nicely, but an abscess has formeel on the right arm. If medical aid can pull him through, that which he is receiving will do it. He is member of the I. O. O. F. lodge here, and they are rendering aid in more ways than one.


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