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Illinois Prohibitionists

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Spmngfibld, Ills. , May 16.- The Prohibition state convention held here yesterday was the largest ever held by the third party in this state. ïhere were about 1,300 delegates in attendauce, and some oí the congressional delegations had to go into the galleries to obtain seats, the capacity of the floor being insullicient to aocommodate them. Some 200 or 300 of the delëgates were vromen, but the great majority of the convention was composed of gray-haired men. It was an enthusiastic gathering and the speeches wero received with noisy deraonstrations. John W. Hart, of Rockford, man of the state central comniittee oalled the convention to order and Hon. James Lamont, the solitary Prohibition representativo in the last general assembly, was made temporary cüairman. Both (nade speeches and botu arraigned the two old parties as unflt to receive the sufïray of the people. Permanent officers were then selected asfollows: President Dr. Jarvis ö. Evans, of Iroquois county ; secretary , R. A. Burnett, of Cook county. Upon taking the gavel Dr. Evans paid his eompliments to the Democrats and Republicans and another scène of wild enthusiasm followed. It was decided that counties be limited in voting to the number oi' delegates actually presant, and several thousand dollars were raiseci for eampaign expenses. ïhe convention took recess until evening, when a mass-meeting was held and the foïlowing delegates-at-large to the national convention ehosan: Francés E. Willard, of Cook county ; James Lamont, of Winnebago county ; J. B. Hobbs, of Cook county: Hale Johnson, of Jasper county. The alternates are : Mary A. West, of Cook; J. C. Pepper, of Mercer; Davie J. MeC'ullough, of Peoría; Jacob Hoofstittler, of Wibitesides.


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