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Chicago, May 10. - Yesterday was a good day for base bal], nearly all the scheduled games being played. The league scores were: At Chicago - Chicago 18, Washington 2; ut Detroit - Detroit ti, Boston 18; at Indianapolis - Indianapolis 4, New York 18; at rttteburg - Pittsburg 1, Philadelphia 2. Chicago, May 11. - The Chicago Base Ball club met the New York Giants yestevday and Degan the series by losing the game by the score: New York 5, Chicago 2. Otlier League scores were: At Detroit - Detroit 'X Phlladel}hiaö: ai Inftianapolis- Indianápolia t, VVashngton 1 ; at Pittsburg - Pittsburg 11 ; Boston 10. Chicago, May 12.- The National league baseball acores yesterday were as folloivs: At Chicago- !hieago-New York postponed - rain; at Pittsburg Ó, Boston 2; at Indianapolis - Indianapolis 5, Washington (i; at Detroit - Detroit fi, Puiladelphia 4. Chicago, Uls., May 14.- The loss of a game by Boston and the winning of one by Chicago Saturday, givo the Windy City boys of the National Base Ball league a decided lead in the record for the pennant. In the game here Anson's pets "got onto" Titcomb's delivery in great shape and pounded the New York pitcher all over the field, while the New York team somehow could not ñnd the balls pitched by Baldwin. The records of the different base ball aggregations up to and including Satürday's playing are given below: Per naTional league. Played. Won. Lost. cent. Chicago 16 18 3 .8)2 Boston 18 13 5 .729 New York 17 11 li .647 Detroit 18 10 8 .555 Philadelphia 18 8 10 .444 Pittsburg 18 7 11 .388 Indianapolis 19 5 14 .263 Washington 10 3 18 .187 The playing on Saturday in the league resulted in the following scores: At Pittsburg - Pittsburg 7, Boston 4; at Indianapolis - Indianapolis 11, Washington 0; at Detroit - Detroit :-; Philadelphia 1 ; at Chicago - Chicago 9, New York 8. Chicago, May 15. - The scores made on the diamond yesterday by League players were as follows: At Chicago - New York 1, Chicago 5; at Indianapolis - Washington 1, Indianapolis 7; at Pittsburg - Boston 6, Pittsburg 5; at Detroit - No game - too cold. Chicago, May 1(5. - Anson's pets met the $20,0ÜJ ajrgregation of talent whioh Spalding has sold to the Boston base ballists during the past tvvo years yesterday, and were given a bad shaking up in the first game the two heavy teams of the league have met each other this season. It seemed evident that playing with Clarkson was not a good way to earn nis curves, and that the first tuing the Chicago boys want to do is to study said curves very attentively now tney are playing against the great twirler. The score was 20 to 5 in favor of the visitors. That was all ; except that all this was done in six innings. Suppose the whole game had been played! The other league games resulted as follows: At Pittsburg- New York 3, Pittsburg 3- eleven innings, darkness ; at Detroit - Washington 5, Detroit 11; at Indianapolis- rain.


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