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For Governor--wellington R. Burt

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The democrats ol this state by making wise nominations and putting forth extra exertions have a better prospect of carrying the itate this fall than do the republicans. Four years ago the republican majority was only about three thousand. A large number of new voters have been made since then, a majority of whota are democrats and the elections recently held show strong democratie gains, the upper península election, where the democrats gained over 7,000, being only one instance. It will thus be seen that other things being even, on the basis of past election returns, allowing for the new voters, the democrats are in the majority in the state. The question then arises, what gubernatorial nomination wiil most increase the chances of carrying the state for the democracy this fall. After caretully looking over the field, it seems to us that Wellington R. Burt, of the Saginavv valley, is the most available candidate this year. He is one of the very best busines men in the state, a man whose ability to manage his own large interests his ability to handle those o the state. He is popular with the bus iness interests and popular with the workingmen. Although he has hac 1,500 to 2,000 men in his employ in troublous labor times, his men have never struck. He is a host in the Saginaw valley and to him more than any other man was due Tim Tarsney's election to congress. Although the president of the Michigan Salt Association, he plants himself squarely upon President Cleveland's message. He opposes class legislation and wants legislation to be for the people rather than for the few rich men. Mr. Burt, while a milhonaire himself, the result of his own good business management, sees clearly the evils of the legislation which enables the rich to grow licher bj' making the poor, poorer, and ranges himself on the side of the people. As long as the governor of Michigan receives a salaryof onlv $ 1,000 a year, which will go only a small vvays towards paying his legi timate campaign assessment, no poor man need apply. Henee when we find a rich man taking up the side or the people against the millionaires, he is the man for the people to elect. Mr. Burt is the candidate of Tim Nester, who has been the leading republican of the upper península, and wields a vust deal of power in that section. Nester will come over to the democracy if Burt is nominated, and he will not come alone. Buit is a live, active campaigner. It would be, a fight f rom the nomination, and large gains would be made by him in the Saginaw valley and the upper península.


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