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Indignant Church Members

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Grand Rapids, Mich., May 12.- Thestreet railroad company under their ordinanee are extending the Reed's Lake dummy line three blocks in East street along the city line. The property owners object, and members of the Holland Refonned church, past which cars will run, are espeoially indignant. An injunction restraining the building of the road was dissolved and the company gathered a large gang of workmen and built the road over the disputed territory in a single night. The neighborhood was summoned by the ringing of the church bell and arose in arms. They were mainly Hollanders and members of the church, and being encouraged by their pastor, Rev. Sipke Sevensma, put the railroad employés who were defending the property to flight by a volley of stones and clubs and tore up the track. Ths pólice were summoned and the mob greeted them with stones and then dispersed. Several were hurt, but none seriously. The company relaid the tracks, completing the work late at night under pólice protection and with rain descending in torrents. When the last spike was driven a dummy engine was started out to confirm possession, and this was the signal for another sortie. The church bell again summoned the indignant church members and population and when the dummy appeared it was greeted with a heavy shower of rocks and clubs. The officers made a flank movement and captured one man and secured the names of several others. The prisoner is a deacon of the church and is now in jail. The railroad oompany has the court decisión at its back and is preparing to resort to stern mensures if necessary.


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