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TtyminT OOIT k CO'9 OVE-COATTtrCCY V TVT l'aint Friday.nin lt toChurch Sunday. Licht Iabiiionable E i.ides: Lljck, Maroon, Vcrmflton Hluc, Yellow, Olive Lake, lírcwstcr aml Wagon Crccns. No Varnishing nccessary. Ürtcn li.r.i wilh a "tbinc." One Codt and job is doac. YOÜR BUCCY Tip top for Chairs, Lawn Seat";, Sash, Flcmcr Tots, llïby Carriegos, Ciirtaiu Polcs, l-'urnitiue. Front Locrs Slorc-frorts, Screen Doors, Boots, Man les, lron Fenccs, ict everything. Just the thing for the ladics to use about the house FOR OME DOLLAR SOIT'S H0NE8T Are you gding lo Pafnt thi9 ycar? ITso, don't Uiiy a paínt coiitain.ii]f water or benznic when 1 l y (cr nerly so) you can procure CO11' Jk í U'S VtíUM l'AIM' tíiat ib warranlcd to be.nn KOXl'sT. (ICXtlXK L18EED-OIL PHKT and free from -w-jter and benzine, Druaml ihibrand nnd tu he no ttif-r. McrchonU hdndlíng it are our acento and authorízcd by lis, in wntinv'. to nnrrant It lo Wfnr 5 MJAlíS íllt 8 COATOor 8 YKAItS vilh t !.)TS. Oor Shades are tbe I-atest Styles u'-irrl ín lic Eust now becoming so jwptiltif ui the AVest, and up with the times Try lilis bmnd of HimST I'AINT and yo wiil never regrtt it. Tliis to tiie wise ÍS sufficíent HOUSE PAIWT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTS Paint tiiat never dríed beyond the stícky point, waste a weck, snoil the job, and then 5wearí Next time cali for C6IT COS FLOOK PAINT 4 popular and suicable shade, varmntPd to dry hard nu & rock vver ulvlit. No troublr. No JSSHVQNT DRY ST1CKY x SS SI Ui :J : 3U S3 5O JJ GO S - ■■ jfít ti .. f! Pi sfó " - ■? r ffi 2 - ? ■ sis; ■ir


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