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Real Estate Transfers

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ftecorded during the week in the office of the Register of Deeds. John Dixonand wife to Mary Heilly, Dexter village 100 00 Cornelius Cornwell to George Hurrell and wife, Ypsilanti 100 00 George W.Hurrell and wife to Louis Z.Foerster, Ypsilanti 100 00 Leonhart Strobal to Louis Z. Foerster, Bridgewater 450 00 Grove M. Spencer and wife to Martha A. Barnard, Ypsilanti 300 00 Henry W. and S. K. Geer to Edward Joop, Ypsilanti 1,300 00 MaryJ. Baywault to Henrietta Bennett, Dexter 200 00 Eha Johhson to Phoebe Johnson, Dexter 1 00 Jamee F. Godfrey and wife to Wm. J. LoBee, Augusta 1 00 William J. Losee and wife to James F. and M. E. Godírey, Augusta 800 00 Ann Clark to Philip Clark, Lyndön and Sylvan 400 00 Charles Donalson to Jane Vanetten, Dexter 100 00 Charles Moore and wife to Frederick W.Cleveland, Ypsilanti 225 00 Catherine James to Bernard and Ann Kirk, Ypsilanti 500 00 William Burke and wife to Joe T. Jacobs, AnnArbor 3,500 00 William Burke and wife to Joe T. Jacobs, Ann Arbor. 4,500 00 William Burke and' wife to Joe T. Jacobs, Anu Arbor 1,300 00 Slade Lazoll to Bradley Way, Bridgewater 8,400 Oo Joe T. Jacobs to William Burke, Pittstlold 1,800 00 and N. Vought, Ypsilanti 1 00 Samuel M. Vought and wife to S. A. Denike Ypsilanti 3,500 00 Frank Bramsted and wife to Charles H. Fish, Ypsilanti 2,000 00 Sarah L. Biddle to Sarah J. Camburn, Salino 1,400 00 Helen Camburn to Sarah J. Camburn, Saline 1,400 00 Jacob L. Strong and wife to Frank Kinghorn, Ypsilanti . 425 00 Christian Luckhardt to Jacob Luckhardt et al, Lodi 1,100 00 Maria Bradley to Lester L. Hayden, Lodi and Ypsilanti 1,600 00 William L. and Lora E. McCullough to George Whitmier, Ypsilanti 875 00 John H. Miller and wife to Don L. Davis, Ypsilanti 400 oO Don L. Davis and wife to John H. Miller, Ypsilanti , 500 00 Fred L. Thompson to John H. Miller, Ypsilanti 1 00 llizabeth Harrington by guardián, to Caleb Harrington, York 400 00 John J. Hobison, assigneeto Henry Osborno. Scio Sarah Proscott to A. W. Wilkinson, Chelsea 200 Oo Anton Schaible to Ernstine Roehm, Ann Arbor 2,900 00