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Portland, Me., June 18. - The Republicau state convention met here yesterday and organized, with Judge A. P. Wiswell as chairman. The only business to attend to was the nomination of a candidate for governo. Hon. J. W. Symonds, of Portland, in an eloquent speech, presented the name of Henry B. Cleaves. He devoted part of his speech te argument against nominating State Treasurer Buileigh for governor on ground that it was unconstitutional. R. D. Fowers presented the name of Burleigh. The convention then proeeeded to ballot, and Burleigb was nominuteti on the first ballot, having 775 votes. On motion of G-eorge D. Bishop on bebalf of Governor Marlde, seconded by Hon. J. H. Drummond in behaJf of Cleaves, the nomina' tiuii was made imanimous, and after adopting a platform the convention adjourneii sine die. Tl ie ]latform opposes "Britisli f ree trade" and tlie Milis bill, lavors tho reduction oí the revenue to the amount necessary to support tLe government and provide for the veterans, and for national defense, but without impairing the efficiency of the protective system; denounces the administration for surrendering American rights in nfegotiation of the flsheries treaty, and for abandoning civil service reform, for whieh latter Cleveland is cliarged with hypocrisy; declares for continued prohibition in this state, and sends ;reetlng to thé Pvepublicans of Oregon and o Mr. Blaine.


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