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Gen. Sheridan's Condition

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Washington' City, June 18. - Col. Mike Sheridau said yesterday that bis brother, the general, had at no time been so ill as the aublic has been led to believe. Had the colonel's statements on this point been relied on the doctors' bulletins would have been use[ess reading. ïhey say that he has been all but dead several times. Yesterday his wonderEul improvement continued. His coughing spells were still frequent and annoying, and lie breathed with some diffieulty; otherwise bis condition was greatly Imprrved. The doctors now have hope, and they say tbat if his power to assimilate the small amount of liquid food given him continúes to increase o that he can eat solids, he will have some chance of recovery. They do not talk in as hopeful strain as Col. Sheridan does, however, and it is not likely that Gen. Sheridau will ever be a well man agaio. The frieuds of the sick man are surpriáed at his changed condition, but they are constantly on the watch for a return of the hear trouble, and do not appear to be sanguina hat the general will get well. Gen. Bheridau's physicians did not issue the usual midnight bulletin last night. Up to that hour he was reported as resting quietly, with little or no change in his condition tince 9 p. ïu.


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