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Chronicle electioji to-morrow. Tbe lawu tennis association has been challenged by Toledo. The alumni, of the dental department, hold a grand reunión tuis year. P. E, Stillman is the managing editor ot the oracle for next year. The sophomores defeated the freshmen at base ball Friday üy 20 to 2. The newly elected Argonaut editors are Loomis, vvinchell, Tulley, Haidy, Conrad, Millman and Misses Andrews and Prichard. The balance of tüe Rogers statuary is expected to arrive the last of the month. The statues are of large size and of considerable itnportance. Besides writing the vocal parts and piano score for "The Passing of Summer," Air. Colé has composed orchestral parts for twenty-two mstruments. No slight task we imagineilr. Ross Colé has received high compliments for the music which he has ritten for the cantata to be sung at the commencenient concert. Some of the best critics in Chicago praised it in very flattering terms. RESOLUTIONS ON DR. HENDRICK's RESIGNATION. At a meeting of the class of '89, in the department of "Regular Medicine'', the following resolutions were rad and adopted: Wkereas, We have learned with regret tnat Dr. Geo. A. Hendricks has tendered his resignation as instructor in anatomy and associate surgeön to the cliuic, and, Whekeas, We deern it fitting that we indícate our high opinión touching his eminent qualities as a man and teacher, be it. Resolved- That we, the medical class of 89, of the University of Michigan, declare his resignution a loss to the University of Michigan as a whole, to ourselves and to the classes that 8hall follow us; and that we hereby express our unequalified commendation of his marked ability as operator and instructor and esteem of his many estimable qualities, as a scholar and courteous gentleman. THESES POR HIGHER DEGREES. Following is a list of theses to be read by candidatos for higher degree: F. N. Scott- The Beginnings of Eng' lish Literary Criticism. Room L, Friday, June 15, 5 p. m. Miss G. H. Mason- Mythical Episodes in Beowolf. Room L, Monday, June 18, 11:30 a. m. Miss H. A. Baucroft- The American Element in Our National Literature. Room L, Saturday, June 16, 4 p. m. Elmer Sanford- Diflerential Action of Electrical Currents upon the Gasometer System. Room A, Thursday, June 21, 4p. m. Miss M. A. Pollard- Physiology of the Voice. Room A. Friday, June 22, 11:30 a. au Miss S. R. Harrison- The Didactic Motive in the Aeschylean Drama. Room G, Saturday, June 23, 11 a. m.


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