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Real Estate Transfers

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Uecoided during tlie week in the office of the Register of Deeds. E. M. Chikls te Levi Bordine, Augusta 1,220 80 Clarence G. Taylor to Elvira M. Sperry Ann Arbor City 800 00 George Schnierle to Christina Schnierle, Ann Arbor City 550 00 Ormond S. Burt to Cordelia Burt, Ypsilanti City Walter S. Hicks and wife to J. A. Polhemus, Ann Arbor City 4,500 00 Johnson W. Knig-ht to John Haarer, Ann Arbor City 600 00 William Smith .etal, to Elvira L. Donn Ypsilanti City 1,200 00 Jerome Germán and wife by sheriff to J. F. Sanders, Ypsilanti 199 00 Caroline Buehoz to Lizzie V. Miller, Ann Arbor City 2,500 00 A. DeForest and wife to H. J. Brown, Ann Arbor City 5,000 00 John Georgre Koeh and wife to Sarah E. Kice, Ann Arbor City 5,000 0q Jacob Schaible to William Uhr, Freedom 390 00 Mary Chambers by exeeutor to Elmina U. Wilson, Ann Arbor City.... 2,950 00 Sampson B. Vulton and wife to Asa W . Parker, Ann Arbor City 35,000 00 Ann M. Krapf to Junius E. Beal, Ann ArborCity 850 00 Edward A. Gott, et al to Louis Noli, Ann Arbor City 200 03 Edward A. Gott, et al to Ottie Noli, Aun ArborCity 200 00 Nilson Rogers and wife to Albert Sauer, Nortnfleld 262 60 Delay Davis and wife to Eliza W. JDavi8, etal. Scio 100 Enimons Spencer to Phebe A. Spencer, Ypsilanti 300 00 Lydia A. Spencer to Phebe A Spencer Ypsilauti 300 00 Burk Spencer to Phebe A. Spencer, Ypsilanti 300 00 Daniel Spencer to Phebe A. Spencer, Ypsilanti 300 00 Mabel L. Jewett to John W. Loveland, York 350 00 Heubeu Colé and wife to Daniel O. Gutes, Ypsilituti City 1,000 00 Williani Allison and wife to èidney Harwood, Pittsüeld 1,500 00 Mary C. Kioharda to Amand G. Buck, ï'psilanti City 400 CO John Kicler and wife to John D. Roberts, Saleni : 500 00 Bridg-et Barry to Daniel W. Barry, Northtield ' 1,500 00 Jasper N. Colby and wife to Win. H . Ustrander. Ypsilanti City 100 00 Solomon H. Ostrander to Jasper N. Colby, Ypsilanti City 100 (X H. K. CooKer ud wife to F. E. Yale, Ann ArDorCity 4,500 00 Ellen Kosein.-n to Jane Vannaller, UL'Xter villaii-e... 10(1 n Wilson mul Warner toCyrel L. Ferman, Aiuan 100 00 Sarah L. Simnions to Me!l Barnes, Hilan village 525 OU Samuel N. House and wif'e to Mary A. Kigij-s, Anu Aruor City 1,000 00 Christopher G. Millman and wtfe to .Alicüuol Schiiüiuer, Anu Aroor City. 300 00 Alvah Keep by esr., to Geo. Hau. S6r, óalem itiO 0C vrilliKm C. Johnson to James H. and Emma Curry, i'psilanti S0 00