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Too raany things to tell. You wouldn't stop to read, and the printer's bilí might surprise us- al though we are quite used to large bilis. Besides all the things re ferred to in this column, there are scores of others clamoring for rec ognition. Could fill a page daily in telling what we ought to tell, and you ought to read. The conclusión is simply, come to us to supply your wants, even though the newspapers don't refer to them, and remember that there are many bargains here that never get published. The whole town seems to be looking this way for Black and Colored French Sateens, and for a half dozen other kinds. 60 and 65c Dress Goods for 50c. Dress Goods that have never before sold under 60c and 65c, that have been thought rare value at 65c, a happy trade turn Iets us drop 15c frorn last week's prices. Some very pretty Coaching IJ mbrellas have just come. They will be in great demand soon as the season is young. "We commence a Hosiery Sale to-inorrow morning that for quality of goods and lowness of prices will surpass anything we have ever done. 50 dozen Women's striped cotton hose, last week 25c, Friday 15 c. No restriction as to time, they are ready now. No restriction as to quantity. You can have what you want, and you will want a lot when you seen them. We have been advertising fast BLACK HOSIERY the last two months and yet there seem to be but very few ladies in Ann Arbor wh o know that we have in stock such an article. Well, we have, and we guarantee them stainless. The color isimmovable even after washing any number of times in SOAP and SODA. Every Stocking is stamped VICTOKIA FAST BLACK, none others are genuine. Try them, and if they are not as represented return them and get yonr money.


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