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Frauk Allmendinger. of Scio- a hoy - Tuesday. There are very few potato bugs in this vicinity this year. Nearly 400 went on the excursión to Presque Isle last Sunday. Ernest Dieterle will build a uew house on West ciuron street. Wesley Seabolt is building a residence on West Huron street. George BulPs little son feil out of a tree, Tuesdav. dislocating an elbow. The recent rains have greatly improved the appearance of the wbeat erop. The council looked over north Main street at üve o'clock yesterday afternoon. Cut worms are eating the onions in this vicinity. They have ravenous aupetites. The high school comtaeneement will )e held in University hall next Friday, June 22. Eberbach & Son are preparing a students chemical outfit tor the Cincinnati exposition. Frank and Josephine Ortman were divorced from the bonds of matrimony, yesterday. The Baptist church gave a reception f or their pastor, Rev. Mr. Carmen last Thursday evening. Eugene Afann has built a new tar sidewalk in front of his resideuce on South Fif th street. The contract for erecting the new high school building has been let to D. J. Ross forS24,900. Julius Reuier and Miss Rosa Mast were marned by Rev. Mr. JBelser in this city last Saturday. Gravel is being drawn from the State street cellars on the South Ypsilanti oad in Ann Arbor township. Charles ü. Brush has been brevetted econd lieutenant by Gov. Luce. His ornmission dates from June 2. Curtís Erviu was sent to jai'l last aturday by Justice Pond for thirty ays for being a disorderly person. Representative C. H. Manly anounces that he is. not a candidato for renomination to the legislatura this ear. A little daughter of Edward Smith, f Fittsfieid feil out of a hammock, Monday, breaking her left arm above the elbow. August Ttissmer was lined $10 and S2.70 costs, Monday, by Justice Fond for au assault and battery on Fred M, 'rettyman. The workmen are now pushing Prof. 3emrnon's new residence on Forest venue. Itpromises to be a very handome house. Dr. J. C. Wood's residence on the orner of Fourth and Packard streets ias been repainted and the doctor is ow settled in it. Amona the naines of those who reeived increased pensions during the ast week, we flnd that of Jacob H, tark of this city. Hon. Chas. R. Whitman was made he Michigan rnember of the eommittee n permanent organization of the St. jOuU convention. Un ilonday, Justice Frueauö senenced VV'iüiam Barry to twenty days u jail for being disgracefully drunk on ie streets Saturday. A brush advertisement will be noted i another column, in which C. Eberjach announces the arrival of l,00u )rushes, no two of wliich are alike. The Washington dispatches, Tuesay, stated that Representative Allen was at his borne in Monroe. This was ews to his old Ypsilanti neighbors. Mis. Lukins has the foundation competed for a secoud new house on Oreaus street near Forest avenue. The rame work for the ürst house is now L■ Seventy two colored men in the pension office at Washington drawing saleries for$9ÍR to Sl,200. per year and this during a Democratie administration. The Jacksons defeattd the University club on the fair grounds, Saturday, by a score of 9 to 1 . The Universities only made 3 errors while the Jacksons made 8. Mis. John A. . Wells, an old resident of this city, died in New York city the last of last week and was brought here for interment in Forest Hill cemetery last Monday . The May Queen will be crowned by the helpers band in the Presbyterian church next Friday night. There will be music and refreshments and everybody is invited. The commeucement concert is to be given on the same evening as the senate reception, but it will begin promptly at 7.30 o'clock, and thus euable all to attend tbe reception as well. Rev. Dr. Huntington, of Grace church, Detroit, preaches in St. Andrews' church next Sundav morning and delivers a lecture to Hobart Guild in the church Sunday evening. The medical faculty has' recom mended Dr. E. W.. Jenks, of Detroit , as professor ot obstétrica and diseases of women and children and Dr. J. N Martin as assistant to the chair. - - . Rev. S. B. Thompson, presiding eider of the Evangelistic Mission in this city is seeking to raise $65 with which to purchase a building of E. C. Exinger to be used as a house of worship. JohnK.Robisou,grandsonof ex-County Clerk Robison, stands flrst in his class at the Annapolis naval acadamy, making the highest record in mathematics ever made in that academy. The approach to the bridge over the Michigan Central on Detroit street has been widened, a cross walk put down for fuot passeiigers and the turn made easy for teams goiug to the depot from the flfth wa;d Mr. AI. O'Hara brought into town yesterday 15 as line head of fat cattie as bas been marketed here. Their average weight waa 1600 pounds, the heaviest vveighing 1720. They are for the Buffalo market. A patent sigued by Andrew Jackson as president ef the United States to Thomas McKernan tor land in Northtield was filed in the register of deeds office the other day. The land is still in the McKernan family. James Murray is acting as a patrolman now during William Clark's recovery from a sprained ankle. Mr. Clark's ankle was sprained by stepning upon a stick while hurrying through au alley to intercept some noisy men. The Courier is boom ing Mrs. Mar y Collins Whiting for the nomination for prosecuting attorney. As the Courier and Mrs. Whiting are both republicans we presume that this is a bid for the influeuce of the womans suffragists for the republican ticket. Next Sunday will be chiklrens' Sunday at the Unitarian church. There will be flowers and music, recitations by the children and addresses by Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland. Opportunity will be offered for any desiring to do so to uuite with the cliurch. The Michigan Central will run a special train to Detroit, Monday, June 25, to give all an opportunity to witness the base ball game between the two great rival clubs. Detroit vs. Chicago. The train will leave AnnArbor. 8:30 a. m. Round trip 51.00. Robert Emmett will be played tonight at the Opera House for the benefit of St. Thomas" school, by the young ladies and gentlemen of this city, in fullcostume. The version played has been arranged especially for J. E.Harkins, who will introduce several of his characteristic songs. Cari D. Rendrickson, an oíd Aun Arbor boy, but now a real estáte agent in Smith Center, Kansas was married Tuesday evening to Miss Minnie C. Henley, of this city, at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. W. V. Ramsay. A few intímate friends were present at the marriage. The Rev. Dr. Huntington, of Grace church, N. JT ., will preach both morning and ev9ning in St. Andrews' church next Sunday. The evening sermou is the last in the series of this year befoie the Guild. Grace church, at his instance, has given a special offering of 1200 to the library of Hobarfc Hall The Union bnck layers and masons, of this city, have been locked out by the members of the builders exchange to work ten hours instead of nine. Tbere are about thirty eight or forty men who have thus been locked out. They aver tliat they will uot go back now until the bosses acceed to their terms. A coucert and social will be given by theü.Clef club for the benefit of the flfth ward Sunday school next Friday night in thè tifth ward chapel. Admission ten cents. Refreshments will be-served. There are about thirty young ladies in the club, and the concert is under the direction of Prof. Hen wiek. Simon Simons, wuocornplainsagainst the Ypsilanti l'uper Co., in a suit concerumg some rags, has filed a petition for a change of veuue on the ground that ihe influence of the paper compaiiy and the Coruwells is sü far reaching in this county that he might not secure a jury not friendly disposed to the Cornwells. Gusta ve Proutlain was drowned in lndepeudence hike in Webster last Öaturday. He was out in a boat fishing, others fishing near at hand did not see the accident, but it is suppoáed that he feil out of the boat in a paralytic attack to which he was subject. As soon as possible he was taken from the water, but life was extinct. The following delegates have been sent trom this eounty to national democratie jonventions since 1840. In 1840, Benjamin Follett, of Ypsilanti; 1341, Robert S. Wilson; 1848, D. C. Whitwood; 1852, James Kingsley; 1860 Alphens Felch; 1864. Alpheu Felch; 1872, John J. Robison; 1880, Charles II. Richmond; 18S8. Charles B. VVhitman. The Amphion Club concert on VV'ednesday evening, June 27, will undoubtedly be one of the best entertamments ever given in University Hall. YVith the assistance of the Glee Club they will present for the flrst time, the cantata of -'The rassing of Summer," the words of which were written by Miss Elsie Jones, and Uie music composed by Mr. Itoss G. Cole. As au iudication of how a story goes by repetition we quote from the South Lyon Picket. "Ex-County Clerk, J. J. Robison, of Aun Aibor,was recently obliged to heave a ti amp over the front fence and nearly break nis neck upon the sidewalk before the fellow would let up on the proposition that the woild o wed hini a living and that his breakfastthat morning was coming out of Itobison's kitchen." The norse of Hon. Chas. K. Whitman while standing untied in front of his residence Saturday afternoon, became frightened at some water thrown on the top of the surrey by a hose in the hands of one of Mr. Whitman's children, started down town, wrecking the surrey against some trees. He was stopped by being called by a young girl, who knew him. The surrey was badly damaged. Adolph Christman, of this city, bas Uled a bilí for divorce from his wife, ] Millie, whom he rnarried October 27, j 1886. He charges that she used abusive language to him and refused to get nis ; meals and that on Thursday last, she refused to get 1 reakfast for him or to i cali him to it and when he told her he j would ule a bilí for a divorce she threw : his clothes out of doors. Mrs. Christman 's answer has not yet been filed.