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Witb Ayer's Hair Vigor. lts cleanliness, beneflcial effects on the scalp, and lasting perfume commend it ior universal toilet use. It keeps the hair soft and silken, preserves its color, pre vents it from falling, and, if the hair has become weak or thin, proinotes a new growth. "To restore the original color of my hair, which had turned prematurely erar', I ae(l Ayer's Hair Vigor with entire' success. I cheerfully testify to the Efficacy of this preparatiou." - Mrs. P. H. Davidson, Alexandria, La. "I was afflicted some three years with scalp disease. My hair was falling out and what reniained turned gray. I was induced to try Ayer's Hair Vigor, and in a few weeks the disease in my scalp disappeared and rny hair resuĆ¼ied its original color." - (Rev. ) S. S. Sims, Pastor U. B. Church, St. Bernice, Iiul. " A few years ago I suftered the entire loss of my hair from the effects of tetter. I hoped that after a time nature would repair the loss, but I waited in vain. Many remedies were suggested, none, however, with such proof of merit as Ayer's Hair Vigor, and I began to use it. The result was all I could have desired. A growth of hair soon came out all over my head, and grew to be as soft and heavy as I ever had, and of a natural color, and firmly set."- 3. H. Pratt, Spofford, Texas. Ayer's Hair Vigor, PREPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer Sc Co., Lowell, Mass. 8old by Druggists and Perfumera.


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