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Ry iKlntr miT S CO'S OT-fQAT BTTGY PAIVT l'aii:t Fnday, n.n it to Church Sundáy. Eight Fashionable Shades: I lack, Maroon, Vermüion Blue, Yclio-.v, Olive Lake, Brswster L-nd Wagon Grctns. No Vamhhing reces", ry. Dries hard with a "sliiac." Une Coit and job s dor.e. YQUfê BÜCGY Tip top fbr Chaira, Lawn Seats, Sash. Flower Tots, lí.ihy Camayos, Ctiríain Toles. Furnlture, Tront Doors, Store-fron'.s, Screen Doors, Boats, Man;lcs, íron Fenecí, i:i iact everything1. Just Uie tliing for Üie ladics to use about the house FOR ONE DOLLAR GOIT'S HONEST Are you c;oing to Paint thls ycort I f so, don t 'Juy a paint water or benzmc when for the same money (or ncarly so) you cn procure CÜ1T A. (Í'S VlllV. l'UYÏ is warrantd to bean HOMiST, GBKCIXE PA1NT and free from water and benzinff. DrmanJ tkli lirand nnd t.ike no olji.-r, y. r h ui'-, hanriting it are our agents and uthorixed by us, in writing. to wnrrftnt 1( lowu ri YK1K8 uh 8 COATS or 3 YKAKS wiih 2 (VTS. Ouf Sliruies are the I-atest Styles used in th DOW bccoming so popular in the West, and up with the times Try thls brand of MONtST PAJJÍT and yu will never regret it. This to the wise is sufficient HOUSE PAIMT COIT'S FLOOR PAINT S Paint that never dried beyond the stfcky point. waste a week, spoit tlie job, and tlicn swearï Next time cali lor CO1T k COS FUtOK I'HVI popular and suitablc shades, wmrmntrd to dry hrd n m rock over nigbt. No muble Na SWONT DRY ST1CKY '2 x. tai 'm a. S9 CO UJ CO iíl Üí". ? 5 2!s sP Jíj Üt m III w til oí ? SE sa


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