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Washington City, June 7.- The senate passed tbe diplomatic and consular appropriations bilis yesterday, after adopting Call'a amendment increasing tho salaries of our representatives to Paraguay aDd Uruguay. The bilí to prohibit alien labor on public works was discussed briefly and laid aside, as no quorum was present, and the bill authorizing the purchase oí a site for a suprema court building was passed. Then all the pension bilis on the calendar - 1 16 - were passed. A short executive session was held during the day. The senate adjourned at 8:30 p. m. The house was too much interested in the proceedings at Ht. Louis to do much business. In committee oí the whole several amendments to the tariff bill were rejected, and Dingley offered one continuing existing duties on Cauadian lumber as long as that country continúes its present fisheries policy. Breckinridge offered an amendment te tuis providing that whenever Canada shall grant to the United States flshing and othei vessels commercial privileges, the right te buy balt and transfer cargoes, ftshf rom that country shall be admitted free, aud providing further that whenever Canada admite free of duty articles produced in the United States a similar privilage shall be gianted te similar Canadian producís by the United States. Without actiou the committee rose, but the honse at once went into committeo oí the whole again on the Indian appropriation bill. Senate amendments were nou-concurred in, and the bill was sent to conference. The house then, at 4 -.30 adjourned. Washington City, June 8.- The only thing done in the senate yesterday was tho delivery ot' a speech by Morgan in defense of the president's conduct of the fisheries uegotiatiüus, and when he had concluded the senate adjourned until Mouday. The houso was again iu a fever of excitement over the St. Louis convention. A bill appropriating $00,000 for a public building at Bay City, Mich. , was agreed to, and a bill introduced for a building at Sterling, Hls. In committee of the whole the tariff bill was then taken up on Breckinridge's motion oL yesterday relating to intercourse with Canada, and after a long debate the proposition, which was an amendment to one offered by Dingley, wasadopted. Then Dingley's amendment was rejected. Other amendments were then rejected, and the lumber clause was finished. The salt schedule was read, but the committee rose and the house adjourned. Washington City, June 9.- The house nassed a bill Yesterday authorizing a bridge over the Missouri near Omaha, and adoptad the resolution of inquiry as to whether Canada was discriminating against the United States in the tolls on tbc Weiland canal. The tariiï bfll was then resumed in committee of the whole, the debate being on the salt schedudle, and fm.illy Burrows' motion to strike out the paragraph was rejected, as well as all other similar motions, aud the paragraph ■was finished. The rice section was adopted without amendment and the flax elause came next, aud Browne of Iudiana moved to strike it out, pending debate on which motiou the committee rose and the house took reeess until 8 p. m., at which time it reasóernbled, passed thirty-three private pension bilis and then adjourned. Washington City, June 11. - Iu the house Saturday bilis were passed appropriating $50,000 for a public building at Jackson, Mich. , and one at Ottumwa, Ia., appropriating $240,000. The tariff discussiou was resumed and oceupied the remainder of the day witnout action. The elause under discussion was that relating to flax. Washington Citv, June 9. - The bill for the reconstruction of the dam at Koek Island, Hls, was reported to the senate favorably yesterday. Sume other business of little general interest was then transacted and Gray proceeded to speak in favor of the ratifleation of the fisberies treaty. When he concludtd, further consideration of the treaty was postponed until the 25th inst., and the senate udjóurned. Herbert introduced a bilí in the house providing for an assistant seeretary of the navy and Dougherty of Florida a resolution which declared that the passage of the Mills bill was improbable aud instructed the ways and means committee to report bilis abolishing the interna) ruvenue system, taxing iucomes of over $500 and taking the duty off everything not produced in the United States. Grosvenor offer ed a resolution assiguing certain days in July for consideration of pension legislation. Woodburn and Cox had a spat over sorne reflections Cox made receutly on the state of Nevada, and after unanimous consent had been asked for the consideration of a resolution appropriatin S:5,0OÜ to celébrate the anuiversary of Gettysburg, and the request defeated by Breekinridge, who objected and said war celebrations w-ere conducive of no good in any portiou of the country, the house adjourned. Washington Citt, June ia.- The senate yesterday received a communication f rom the treasury asfe ing :20, 000 for repairs to the adelphia mint Stewart of I evada gave notice of ameiidments to the legislativo appropriation bill providing for the coinage of silver to take the place of circulation surrendered by national banks not in liquidation and for the coinage of 64,000,000 per inonth of silver. (Jhandler offered a resolution to refer the ero.Ientials of Senator Gibson of Louisiana with instructions to the committee to investígate the recent election in that state and determino whether the legislature was legally elected. Figures were given showing vast raajorities in favor of the legislativo candidates. A long discussion took place on Stewart's resolution asking the treasury for the names of recent sellers of bonds to the government, but the matter went over, and Cullom made an exhaustive address on proposed amendments to the iuter-stote law. A pension veto was received, the veto being on the ground that the applieant was not wounded in the array. The forti lication and District appropriation bilis were briefly considered without action, and the senate adjourned. The house rejected the resolution asking the postmasfcer general for information as to dlsallowed postmasters, settled the contested election cases frona Missouri and California by confirming the titles of Glover and Vandever. and then went into committee on the tariff bill, where fiax, hackled or "dressed line," as itricken f rom the f ree list. Attempts to have the same action taken on henip, ramúla,and other substitutes for hemp, aud jute butts, were defeated, and the house adjoumed.


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