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Real Estate Transfers

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Recorded during the week in the office of the Register of Deeds. Herman Fechhimer to George C. Kichel, Ypsilanti city...: 500 00 Sarah D. Prior to John C. B. Forsyth., Ypsilanti city 50 00 Mary F. Allen to Thos. J. Forsyth, Ypsilanti city .-- 1 00 Jane Forsyth to Thos. J. Forsyth, Ypsilanti city 100 Lucy Ann Clark to Wood & Cooper, Ctielsea village : 85 00 John Burns by heirs to Jethro Mabee, Arm 100 00 HudsonT. Morton to N'than White, Ypsilanti city 00 00 David H. Hammond to lrving J. Hammond, Lima 3 000 00 Francis Stofflett to Mary A. Stoiïiett, Ann Arborcity 1,000 00 Christian J. Huel to Clara A. Kuel, Ann Arbor city Russell Hastingto Willmm Moon, Ypsilanti city 1,450 00 John Boyce to Geo. S. Barnes, Ypsilanti city .' 2,500 00 Philander C. Frost and wife to E. S. and A. L. Tate, Bridgewater 3,200 00 Kate L. Frost to E. S. and A. L. Tate, Bridgewater 3,200 00 Addison Osborne and wife to William Torrance, Augusta ----- 1,500 00 Addison Osborne and wife to Weimer J. Losee, Augusta 1,200 00 AndrewB. Minzey to Daniel E. Minzey, Augusta 100 John W, Blakeslee and wife to Stephen W. Andrus, York..-. 1 00 Reuben Keicpf and wife to Maggie Waekenhute, Chelsea village 1T5 Q0 John Q. Wilson and wife to William C. Jaeobus, Ann Arbor city 150 0q Emma A. Hood to Erwin C. Glover, Lodi 1,000 00 Mattbew Staib to Thomas Herrón and wife, Ypsilanti city 250 00 Lezbe Honey to Cora A. Honey, YpYpsilanti city 1 00 Peter Neiss to Mary Neiss, Freedom, 2,000 00 F. Joseph Lerg and wife by circuit court commissioner to Joseph Lowery, Bridgewater 6,435 60