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Huckelbernes are reportad to be a large erop in this vicinity. The village assessment is being taken by J. L. Gilbert, assessor. Dr. Thomas Shaw has moved to Ypsilanti to practice his profession. A carload of Deering binders and mowers carne here last week and were taken out. Quite a number went f rom here last Monday to Detroit with the cheap excursión. Wheat has come to be a better erop than was expected and will be ready to cut soon after the 4th. New potatoes from abroad are ii this market at $1.40 per bushei They will be in market raised here b' July 4thThe Dayton hedge company has failed to appear this spring to take care of their hedges as they agreed It proves to be a first class swindle. Some little haying has been done near here and it will go on in earnest as soon as the weather is favorable. The hay erop is generally light. There is very iittle enthusiasm here over the republican nominations It is certain that it is not as strong a ticket as Blaine and Logan made. It will probably not come as near getting elected. Wool does not move yet here to any extent. The farmers are generally firin in their demand for 25cts. or near it and the buyers are equally firm not to give over 20 to 22cts. Unless 25cts. is paid many lots about here will be carned by farmers for higher prices. Some will have to be sold soon for what it will bring. It will be a long s ow market here this time. Some say it is the uncertainty as to what the wool tariff will be that puts the price so low, but it is probable that the uncertainty has more to do with the price than the tariff itself. It is probable that the price would be better and business safer and the farmers generally gainers if the uncertainty was settled by placing wool on the free list.


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