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Byron Briggs lettered the diplomas. Haying will open full blast next week. R. H. Marsh was in Ypsilanti Monday. Mrs. Aaron Schairer is home from Nebraska. Salt retails for S5 ets. because of local "runs." Ex-Sheriff Wallace was in Ypsi, Wednesday. D. Nissly was in Milan on business, Tuesday. D. Hunt was over from county capital Monday. Charlie Parsons was home from Detroit, Monday. Strawberries 6 ets. per. quart. A local wat is waging. O. M. Kelsev was in Ann Arbor Monday on business. N. ü. Nichoson thinks uof moving to Ypsilanti for a time. Lizzie E. Glover will furnish vocal music at commencement. Samuel Hartwell is home from duties for Albion "Gale" Co. Oscar Robinson, of Ann Arbor, visited relatives here last Friday. Miss Myrtle Rouse spent the first of the week with Ypsilanti friends. Geo. C. Gillett, of Millington, 111. is visiting his sisters here this weekMrs. E. H. Marsh will open cream parlors on Ann Arbor street, soon. Mrs. R. Muynard, of Grand Rapids, visited at Geo. Donaldson's this week. Heavy rains made the lavvn social at Presbyterian p.irsonage fizzle somewhat. VVm. Smith will receive more pension, making him a net of $24 per month. Miss M. E. DePuy entertained about twenty of her friends, Wednesday evening. Mr. H. R. Pattengill, of Lansing, will address the graduating class at commence inentMiss Minnie R. DePuy will leave Saturday morning for her home in Jackson. F. A. Montgomery, of Adrián was in tovvn on business, three or four days this week. Otto Bliss has returned to earth again. Saline is not such a bad town to live in after all. "Dimondall" is what a boy asked for at the drug store {the oaher day when he wanted turpentine. Eecent rains are of many thousand dollars value in this yicinitv, Farmers feel a little more hopeful. John Ruckman delivered the address at class day exercises, Edna Aldrich was historian and prophetess. A. K. Rouse went to Jackson, Monday, to do some road work for the Deering Binder Manufacturing Co. Whooping cough is numerous now. Probably not less than 50 cases. Light attack generally though. Mr. John Fowler aml family, ot" Ann Arbor,_ attended the funeral of his mother, Mrs. N. G. Fowltr last Saturday. Miss Mary Munger has been visiting friends here this week. She will go to her home in Palo, Saturday, probably. Mrs. U. D. Billmeyer, of Chattanooga, Tenn., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Wallace the first of the week. Preston Rouse has taken the agency for the "O. K." creamery and butter worker, and a line of general dairy goods. Mrs. A. .L Briggs and Mrs. A. W. Lashier were visitors at county seat, Tuesday. Miss Muir was there Wednesday. Rev. Yokom delivered a baccalaureate sermón to the Junior class of the High School, last Sunday evening at M. E. church. Lorenzo Haight made application to "Uncle Sam," Tuesday, for an allovvance to buy a new leg with. He is allowed a new leg every five j'ears. Mike Snyder was poisoned with "Ivy" while bathing in the mili pond last week. He was consequently offduty at Waher's tin shop for a time. The '"operatic" or travelling show company that L. E. Nichoson' was travelling with, is defunct, anü Lester is taking photographs at Grand Rapids. William Waliace was kicked by a horse last Thursday afternoon, badly injuring his side. Dr. Chandler dressed the wound and he is now doing well. Mr. Samuel Haight and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Slayton, ar.d Mrs. Jerry Slayton, all of Tecumseh, attended the funeral of Mrs. N. G. Fowler last Saturday. At a recent meeting of the union school board, 'twas decided to retain the following faeulty another year, Chas. L. Blodgett, principal; Ida L. Webb, 2nd grammar; Ida L. Burroughs, ist grammar; MattieJ. McKinnon, 2nd primary; Mrs. M. J. Lawrence, ist primary. The high school preceptress' vacancy is not vet hlled. Mrs. N. G. Fowler died last Thursday night. She had been a sufferer for several years and those who only knew her during her illness knew not the true or real Mrs. Fowler that she was when she had her health and faculties. She was a member of the M. E. church and inuch interested in church matters. She and her husband, who survives here were among the earliest settlers in this vicinity, having came here about 1S32. She was ?5 years of age. This week is the closing week of another and the fourth school year with Mr. Chas. L. Blodgett as principal and the fact that the school board have decided to retain hifn for the fifth year ís evidence of the good work accomplished by hirn. He has already staid with us as long or longer than anv other principal that has had charge of the school and is genei all v liked by his pupils and highly respected by all who are acquainted with him. May the fifth year be as successful in the school line as the past years have been is the wish of ye correspondent.


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