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Terrorized By Mad Dogs

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t ICHITA. Kan., June iö. - Greenwood oounty is terrorized by mad dogs. A month ago a rabid dog went through the county bitiug other dogs and nurabers of horses aml cattlë. Many of the eanines known to have been attaekad were killed, hut a large number have developed bydrophobia and many persons have been bitten by them in various purts of the county. In all, nine persons have been attacked with symptoras of rabies, and William Jones and two of his children have died. They lived on a farm south of Eureka, the county seat. Two weeks ago a dog dashed into Jones' yard and attaoked him and the children. The wouhda healort partially, but on Wednesday one of the children died in fearful agony. ï'aen the second, and thea the father quickly followed. A mad-stone has been eircuiated among the others who were bitten, and as they were attaoked before those who died it is hopad they are out of danger. One of the men bitten is named Cogswell, and 90 great is his faith in the virtue of the mad-stone that on tho night he was bitten he traveled to Iola, seventy miles away to procure one. A Wholesale slaughter of dogs is now going on throughuut Greeuwood county.


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