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There are three Chinese voters in this c...

There are three Chinese voters in this c... image
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There are three Chinese voters in this country. Tliey are solid for Harrison. HRRison has been identified with corporations all his ife. Is that why he was nominated as the high 'tariff, monopoly candidate. Sincb Harrison's nomination, a number of the republican business men of Columbus, ühio, have declared themselves in tavor' of Cleveland. The republican platform demands that in order to reduce the surplus the tax be taken off whiskey. A high stand for "the party of great moral ideas." Harrison and Morton is the republican ticket - just as easy to beat as any other ticket. "Blood and boodle" is hardly a good war er y lor the republicans. With Wellington R. Buit for governor, the ciemocrats will carry the upper península and sweep the state. Count Michigan in the Cleveland column this fall. It seems that soine of the delégate? to the convention of the "party of great moral ideas" attend church so little, that they forgot the spirit in which a prayerjshould be received and they greeted the opening prayer of the convention with cheers. The Detroit Tribune before Algers defeat for the nomination said that Michigan was a doubtful state. Col. John Atkinson said after Harrison's nomination that Michigan was a doubtful state. If these good republican authorities think so, why should not the democrats plnce it in the Cleveland column? A dispatch from Minnesota to the Detroit Tribune a couple of weeks ago said : "Almost all the Republican county conventions have declared in favor of some reductioii of the tari 'ff, '." We cannot help wondering how thinking Minnesota republicans like the republican platform. The printer working tor weekly wages can readily see in this tariff on type something Pwhich tends to lower his wages. However much the tarifFkeeps wages up, as is claimed, it doesn't help the printer apparently. - [Ann Aibor Register. How can the Register ofter writing that sentence support the republican candidates running on the highest kind of a tariff platform? The Courier tnkes the trouble of finding out what a number of republicans in this vicinity think of their ticket. The opinions indícate that the republicans are doing considerable whistling to keep up their courage vvhile passing the graveyard in which Haraison and Morton will be buried next November. Benjamin Harrison's record on the Chinese immigration is harclly such as will gain him the votes of those who are opposed to decreasing the price paid labor in this country. Harrison favored the importation of this cheapest kind o! labor - the very lowest grade oí Chinese labor. How many votes of laboring men will Harrison poll this fall? Seth Low, ot Brooklyn, N. Y., is one of the strongest men in the republican party jn that city. He was elected mayor of the city, which is strongly democratie, a few years ago and has alvvays been a consistent republican, He novv announces that he cannot support the republican nominees. Our advice to our republican triends in this vicinity is to follow Low's example and get in out of the rain. For more than tvventy years the republican party had possession ot , our government. During that time we saw the carrying trade of the world taken from us and our goods exported in English vessels. Nothing was done to better this state or affairs. It comes with ill grace from a party with such opportunities, now to begin harping upon what they would do to build up American shipping if thev are returned to power, when they made such little use of their opportunities. The platform adopted at the republican nationalconvention proposes the repeal of the taxes on tobáceo because if says it is "an annoyance and burden to agriculture." We suppose our republican farmer fr-iends will vote to indorse such a statement as that. The taxupon cigars greatly annoys agriculture. It is an intolerable burden upon it. The farmer can well afford to pav several dollars more for a cloak for his wife and eight dollars more for a suit of clothes for himself, jfifty cents more for a pair of gloves, one quarter more for all his farm impliments and so on through the long list he buys, providing he can be assured that he can buy his cigarettes a little cheaper or smoke a four cent cigar instead of a five. It was a wise head that wrote that platform. The republicans are now tr3'ing to deceive the farmers nito believing that the democrats are responsible for the present low price of wool. The farmer, hovvever, will remember that the democrats as a party, have nothing whatever to do with the price of wool. That is fixed by the wool buyers and the wool sellers. If the wool buyers can purchase wool for twenty cents, they won't pay any more for it. If they can't buy it for twenty cents, they will pay more tor it. We have at present a high tariff on wool. It will not be altered this year. Every buyer knovvs that. Ifthebill should pass the house it would be defeated in the senate. The price of wool as fixed this year, is tïxed under a high tanff, which lessens the number ot woolen factories and henee the demand for wool. Increase the demand for woo! and the price goes up.


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