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Chicago, June 25. - The national Republicau convention was called to order Saturday promptly at 10 o'clock a. m. , Hon. War ner Miller presicling in consequence of Chairman Estee's continued hoarsness. Bishop Fallows, of the Reformed Episcopal church, offered prayer. The convention then got to work and the fourth ballot was takon.resulting as follows: Shermau 235 Gresham 9S Akcer 1:35 Harrison 217 Alfison SSBlaine ü Lüicoln 1 McKinley U Foraker 1 Douglass 1 The vote for Lincoln camo from Georgia, those for Foraker and Douglass from Kentucky, and tho McKinley vote from West Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, Massaehusetts, and Conuecticut. As soou as tbe ñrst vote - Connecticut - vvas annouriced for McKinley, he got the Hoor and in an earnest speech repudiated the vote cast for bini. Tho fifth ballot was theu taken, and resuited : Sherman 2S4 Gresham 87 Ali-'er U-i Harrisou 213 Allisou 'J'.l Blaiue 48 McKinley 14 Again no choice, and a motion was madeto adjourn to 4 p. m. This wascarried, and the convention dispersed. At 4 p. 111. Chairman Estee again essayed his duties, but the first motion was one to ad-journ to Alonday at 11 a. m.. The motion was carricd on a roll-call - 491 to 322, and again tbe iissembly filed out of thu hall. THE SIXTH DAY. CaiCAUO.June !!(!.- Tue Republicati national convention was called to order yesterday at 11 a. m. . with about every delégate present, and 7,000 people besides m the hall. Prayer was olïered by Rev. Arthur Edwards, of this city, aud then Boutelle, of Maine, read the following telegrams, whicli created great cheeriug : " Edinbuíuíli, June SÍ4. - To Iïoutelle axd Mani.ey: Earuestly request all friemlü lo respect my Paris letter. Bi-aink. Edinburgu, June 25. - To Boutellk and Manley, Maine Ijei.kgation, Chicago: I think I Lave a right to ask my frieuds to respect my wishes aud refrain froiri votiug for me. Pleast Lhis aucl former dispatcli public promptly. J G. The convention drew a long breatb, and then broke out int) applause lasting several iniuutes, and wben it died avvay the voice of the chairman of the Alabama delezation was beard announoing one vote for Blaiue, whicb was followed shortly aftar by the ringing tones of Creed Haymond's voice as be read olf the California delegation's vote of sixteau votes for the sanie leader. Evideutly California had uot given up the öght. Ths ballot resulted: ' Rherman 4B)aiue 40 Harrisou Sil MeKüiley la Aicer 137 Foraker 1 ÏBUOD 71 Grant 1 üresliain 9: Shei-mim nr.!-s vvithin Kve roten of tüe bigbeet he receivtU iaói x ebk, wtiile Harrison's net gain waa just eighteen over the last ballot Saturdfy. The seventh ballot wss orderel aniid a breathless e::citement. The ballot resulted: Alger 12iHarrison 276 AIütoü 76 Liucolu 3 BlaiDB 15 McKinley 16 Foraker 1 Sherman ..,,..331 Qresham 91 Haymoud 1 Sherman bad taken secoud place at last, and Harrison was leading, with a greater vote than had theretofore been given to auy one candidato. Tbe end was begun. Henderson, of Iowa, arose and, after thanking tLoso who had stood by Iowa's senator so loyally. withdrew the name of VVilliam b. AUison. by autbority. The tbird in.r1 last ballot in detail is given below : As usual in such cases for a inoment nobody seems to realiza wbat has happened. Thoso with tallies re-read the figures auj tben wait to hear from the secretary, and hen he completes the reading of the votes to where Harrison is credited with the uecessary ballots, S.COO people are on their feet madly cheerins;. The competing states rapidly gave in thelr allegiauce to the chosen leader. Foraker was first on the floor vrith a motion that tlie uomination be made unanimous, which he said he did with all the more satisfaction that Harrison was an Ohio man. The chair then put the motiou to make the nomination uuanimous and it was adoptad with a raighty shout, and Gen. Ben Harrison was foruinJly declared the nominee. The roll was called for nominees for vice president, Hastings, of Pennsylvania, in the chair. Kentucky was the flrst to respond, aud named W. O. Bradley, the speakers declaring tbat the south should be represented for once ou the uational ticket. William Walter Phelps was nomiuated by Senator Sewell, and then M13 convention adjourned until ö p. rn. When the couvention assembled in the evening there was a reduced attendance. Several speeches were made seconding Phelps' nominatloa, and then Warner Miller took the floor to put Levi P. Morton, of New York before the coavention. His speech tras an earuest and impassioned one, and the eonvention was evidently with him. Tbere were sevoral seconds, thy most notable being Cien. Chalmers, of Hississippi, an ex-Contederate, who declared he did not want a soutberu man nominated, but wanted a solid north to ilefeat a solid south. There were loud cries of "vote," but one or two other gentlemen wanted to speak, and they suceeedud, one of them uominating "Willam K. Moore, of Tenuessee, who subsequently withdrew his name, aud the roll was called for a ballot, which, wheu completed, showed the fotlowing result. Morton, 591; Phelps, 119; Bradley, 103; B. K. Bruce, 11; W. F. Thomas, 1. Kentucky moved that the nomination be made unanimouj. The motion was seconded by Now Jm-suy, and it was üarried ith a hoop. On motion of Senator Farvveli it was deeided to appoint a committee of oue of each state to notify the r.-audidates of their nominations, mid it was also decided that Chairman Estee tihoiild hu uiad chairman of the dalegation. Ttiu cunvetition was nbout ready to adjonrn, but Boutello offerod a resolution deulariug that the sobrinty and vlrtue of the peoplo ainl the purity of the hom;? was the iü-st conconi uf all good goverumrnt, and tbat tho Ropublican party sympathizes with all wise sffurts to promote teraperdtice and icorality. Tho re,o!]tion was violently opposed by Oliver, of l'eunsylvania, and others, and the most disorderly scène of the conventicn oocTirred. tt was fiaally adopted amid greai Ohiiorin, and that being done the conventi'.m .idjourued sina die. Drmvned in Sight of Hunlreil. Chicaoo, June 'A5. - Yesterday whils hundreds of pleasure seekers were thronging the north pier of the harbor of this city Edward Egloff went sailing in a cockle-.slii'l! of a boat ballusted with loo.;e stones, takin Mrs. Charles Sanders with him. The ballast shifted in a puff of wiud and the boat overturned, throwing both of them into the water. Egloiï made a brave attempt to save the woman, who frantically clasped her arms round lus neek, and both were drowned a few bundred feet fro.n the pier. The woman's brother was sailing close by, but as he was uearly in reach of t he uníortunates they went down.


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