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1 PA I UT I f%i nyincoiT a co'3 t tïtt.y r.vrvT ?-L "' j'ai:it Friday, run it toC!;iircri Sunday. Eight í z. .32 Fasliionible Shades: Lláck, Marooo, Veniuüon " „5 - Diue, Vellow, Olive La;e, Brewstcr ï.nd Wagon ; K :5 i. recitó. No Vyrr.i.! ing Drics h.-.rJ vL "" ilti a "s bine." Gne Cou.t í;d job is done, í; t 2 YOUR BUGGY lis j, Tip ïnp f:r Chairs, La-n Seáis, Sash. Ftower # f M , . Pots, linby Carrlages, Curtaln Polcs, Furrúture. L o -3 Pront Lo irSi Store-froots, Screen Uoors, Boais, V3 ■ Man Irs. Iron Henees :t fct cverythir;. Jt;st .S"1O üte Üuiij fw t'"C id use about the house - . = F0R OSE-DOLLABíH SflOïTlHOWESTp V3 rc yu L'ilS' lo PaHt t'ï yenrf If so. dor.'t "6 ï s buy a p.;u.t contain u water or benznic when t r „ fort'ie saim mpntj (or iiGêriy ïot you Con procure " - - nil, wWB i(...j j,u, f t tc s warran,,,d to -í " be an 05i I r. i.i:xi . K Lt. SEED-Oir. pait ■ i - 3l and frec from WüTerd benzine. Ui-mand thl y ? . lirnnd airl luir i" 'tr. r. M.rchants haiidling = = s ñr it art our agents ;.:;■! i .:' oriítd byus. i wrüing, H - r to wnrranl 1 ín ' nr S VkAKS -"ili 3 tOATS or 2 " fJ % VK1119 wiih 2 ttí.iTS. Our ShndeS are the = '= i !.a:csi Stjles uftd ít ;he East now becomini; _ Uj ?.o txmuljr ir. t'.e ''cst. atd up n!i the times - L ■M Try thii braini t IKIM'M 1'ilVT and y,ou will T .E ■' ilcvct rejVví it TTüs :o the wtíe is suAdent ,0" HOÜSEPAIMT jj ï COIT'S FLOOR PA1NTËH &" Paint thaí líévw driel heyund tie sticky point, c2 jw wasta a teisa hxjü i! joL, and tticn swearí f"■ Ncxt t:ti: CdÖ írr 1(HT A COS l[,i.FL PVIXT „1 í"3l ■ populjr anti s-jitabie síiadcs, HKrrnntfd lw dr Lmi mm hnr.i ;., a rtK yer nit.i. No troubla No w, VIU,-JJ Uní OiíWfVt C.1 "Wky vou should send us your orders. We handle h no'thing but BEST and CHOICEST BRANDS: Sefiat Mar.cfacturers' and Irniiwrters' Pnces; HW. ShipaiONEDAY'SNOTICE. enabiing mLV you to receive toods day fo!lo-ir.g: nFill orders tor aLL KINDS of yBtF "ffw MPBtBfcri- v!z i Importe 3 25 BPth_ ífií an i American WgBF ffinWv ■ poüshed plath, 'sm aagyBgp Frenen Window, Ega? can Wmdow, Englisfc ?6 oz. Q2S#?fiÖMH Enameiled, Cut and Embossed. PiBBWH RolWd Cathedral. Venenan. Muffled. ÍfcB Frosied Bohemian, Germán Lookmff 9BK9 Glass Plates, French Mirror Plates. !3flK The qií.ility, vnety and quantíty of our stoeit ís exceeded by no house in the United States. WK. REID, 73 4 75 Ltrned Street Wet, DETROIT, MICH. P. S.- Write fot Pnces. No trouble to answcr correspondence ♦ OHIO Improved CHESTER HOGS. -vÉMNot snbjecttoch .era. 7siioWByu 4PH:n 1885. Largest Bbipniont cWJj 'tmixny breed bv any finu Ín tbeBM ■JrVfcend for descrlptiuD if ttü 1 ,1 Jlr moas brecd. Ai60f"W.3. v H I TTie L. B. Silvcr Co.. If the bobr5l reliot lUhle to o!er tholmportwoeaumotbegTentttmaMdwilBhouldbdziTwtKaved


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