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Estáte of Sarah E. Spafard. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw, SS. At a session of the Probate Court forthe Countyof Wasüteuaw.bnldfn at the Prubate Otftce iu the city ot Ann Arbor on Tuesday. the 19th day of June in the year one tho'usand eight hundred and eiglity-ewht. fresent, William D. Harriman, Judge of Probate, d the matter of the estáte of Sarah E. Spafard, deceased. Oa and filinsr the petition.duly verified of John F. Spafard, (aent) prayin! that administration of sai.l estáte, may be gronied to Thomas J. Farre.ll or some otter suitable person. ia ordered that Monday, the 16th day of July next, at ten o'clock in the forenoou be asbigued ior the hearing of said peiition, and that the heirs-at-law of said deceased and all other Dersons interested iusaid estáte are required to appeai at a seasion of said Court, th?n to be holden at the probate office in the city of Anu Arbor. aüd show canse, if anythere be, wby the prayer ot the petitioner ehould not be grauted: And it is furthet ordered that said peiitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the peudency of said petition and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order tobe published in the Ann Arbor Akoüs, a newspaper printed and eirculated in said county threesuccessive week previous tosaid day of hearioj. WILLIAM D HABKIMAK, farrueeopy) Judüje of Probate ■"u G. D.jTt, Probate Reztster Notice to Creditors. STATE ÜF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ot' U'ashtenaw, as. Notice is hereby given, that by an order of the Probate Court for the County of Washttm.w, made on the fourth day of June A. D. iSSS six months from that date were allowed forcreditors to present their claims asrainst the estáte of James Kennedy late of said connty decensed, and that a!l creditors of said deceased are remiired to present their claims tosaid Probate Court at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, for examination and allow iDce on or before the 4th day of Teceinber next, and ihat such claims will be heard bel'ore said Court, on Tuseday the 4ih day of Sepemter and on Tueaday the 4th day of December next, at ten o'clock "in the forenoon of each of waid days. D:ued, Ann Arbor, June 4th, A. E. 18SS. WILLIAU r. HARRIMAN, Judge of Probate. Estáte of Benjamin Pryor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY oï Vashtenaw,ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the county of asutenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city ot Anu Arbor, on Wtdnesday the 20th. day of Jiuie. in the year oue thousaud eiïht huudred and eighty-eight. Present, Willtaru 1). Uairiman , Judge of Pre bate. !n the matter of the estáte of Benjamin Pryor, deceaseii. Charles A. Pryor. exeeutor of the last will and testament of said deceased, comea into court and represents that he is now prepared to reuder nis final account aa such exeeutor. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the 17th day of July next at 10 o'clock in the forenoon oeassigned for exainiuing and allowing such account and that thedevisees, legatees and heirs-atlaw of said deceased, and all other persons inter. ested in said estáte, are required to appear ai a session of said court, theu to be holden at. the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor. in said county, and show caasp, if any there be, why the said account should not be aliowed: And it is further ordereu that said cxecutcr give notiee to the persons interested in said estáte of 'the pendency of said accouut and the hearing thereof. by causing a copy of thia order to be published in the Ann Abeoe Aegvs, anewspaper printed and circulating in said county three succeseive weeks previous to said day of hearing. VVILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, (atruecopy) Judge o f Probate William'G.Dotv, Probate Register. Commissioner'sNotice. STATE OF MICHIGAN', COCNTY OF Washten-aw. The undersigned hayine been arpointet? by the Probate Court for said County, Commissionérs to receive. examine and adjust all claims and demanda of all persons against theestate of John Beahan, late of said County, deceased, hereby give notice that six months from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court for Creditors to prt'sent their claims apainst the estate of said dec;ased, and th.'.t they will meet at tne Probate office in the City of Ann Arbor, in said Countv, on Tuesday, the 25th dav of Sep' tember and on Wedncsday, the 26th day of December next, at ten o'clock A. M. of each ot said d'iys, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Datcd,june25th, .llardbsiiitH) PHILIP DUFFY, Commissioner


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