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Bridgewater -Miss Grace Cruce, of Detroit, h;is heen visitincr Miss Lizzié-Burns Mrs. Chas. Ñatus, of Detroit, was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ortheerer, 'ast week. - Lew Stauss, of Monroe, is vacating at his únele', Rev. Jos. Stauss'.- M;ss Katie Cur'is, of Wayne, visited her sister here last Herman Mills of California, visited his brother heré. - Benj. Kendall, of New irork, has been visiting his nephews M. and C. Mitchell. Dexter. - Prof. Wáller is visiting in Ohio. - Mis. W. J. Holmes, of Adrián, visited friends here last week. - Thos. Connors is vacating at home. - Frank Swan, of Niágara FaUs, visited here last week. - Miss LizzieClark, one of our teachers h as returned tcHowellTor the summér. - Miss E. Abbott removes to Kalamazoo in August.- Miss Nettie Brown, of Illinois has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Prof. Waller. Manchester. - George Martin, of the New York Agriculturist, visited here last week. - Prof and Mrs. J. W. Robinson, of Wolcott, N. Y., are spending their suminer vacation here. - Miss Euphemia Thorne, teaches in Big Rapids next year. - John L. Walker, of Canasaraga, N. Y., was in Manchester last week. - Will Reichert and John Burkhardt are home from Elmherst college. - Miss Mary Senger, of Chicago, is visiting here. Milan.- Mrs. W. A. Hearn and daughter are spending the vacation in Dansville. - Miss Mabel Graham is back from Tennessee. - Rev. and Mrs. Lanning have been visiting friends in lorna county. - Mrs. Fannie Alhson returned to her home in the upper península last week.- Mrs. Bunce and Mrs. Chas.Gauntlett have been visiting in Grand Rapids. Mooreville. - Otis and Mary Sanford visited in Somerset Center last week. - Robbie McLachlan and Lee Draper returned from Blissfieid last week. - Rev. and Mrs. Fisher visited in Detroit last week. Saline. - Miss Millie Marris, a teacher in the Detroit schools, is spending her vacation at her home here - Miss Lülian. Mills visited in Detroit last week. - Mrs. D Nisslëy has been visiting her daughter in Eaton Rapids. - Miss Carrie Maher has been visiting in Vassar. V7iiittaker. - Mr. and Mis. S. McFall visited in Detroit last week. - Mis. F. H Thompson returned from Manistique. - Henry Wilds has removed to Montague. - Miss Mary Stecher has returned irom Jackson. Ypsilanti. - Miss Francés Higley is in the Adarondacks. - Mrs Alice Kimbal is home from St.Johns - Clarence Williams and wife, of Kansas, have been visiting here. - Mrs. Robinson, of St. Clair, has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Higley, and Miss Jessie Trim, of the same place, the tamily of J. McGregor. - Prof. VV. H. Brooks is in the west. - Mrs. Gould has been visiting Grand Rapids friends.


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