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Photographing A Pork Packer

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When this distinguished gentleman came to have his picture taken he didn't know exactly what be wanted; he said that he thought he preferred somethlug that would set off his good points to the best advautage; he had not had a picture made since the days of ambrotypes, and he was determined now to get the best, no matter bow much it cost. i asked him how he'd like to try a dozen of "inspirations," and he said; "Let 'er go, Gallagher. " So I set hiin down at the little table and made him rest his right elbow on a copy of Shakespeare's plays, with his hand gracefully supporting his head. In his lap 1 placed another book, upon which I rested his left hand carelessly. "Now, look up. toward the ceiling," said I, "and try to look expectant." "What's that?" he asked. "As if you were looking for a corner in lard, " says I. "Oh, I see," gaya he, and he rolled up his eyes beautifully. "Don't miss the diamond," says he; "I paid a heap for it and wouidn't swap it for the best berd in Texas." "Now the result." coutinued the professor, "was that I got a splendid negative. The pork packer's daughter was delighted. 'Oh, papa, how perfectlv lovelyl' she cried '1 never saw you look half so sweet before!' Of course not. If I'd wanted to get a characteristic picture of this man ld have to set him in a chair and make him tilt the chair back, stuff his hands into his trousers pockets, and put a chew of tobáceo into his mouth. That wouiii have been nature. But photography is art, and the truly artistic photographist is he who tries to make a"


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