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Value Of Eggs As Food

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No honest appetite ever rejeeted an egg in soine guise. It is nutriment in the most portable fonn and iu the most concentrated shape. Whole nations of mankind rarely touch any other animal food. Kings eat them p'.ain as readily as do the huiuble tradesmen. After the battle oí Miúüdorf, wueu Kaiser Ludnig sat at a meai v.ith his burggrafs and great captains, he determined on a piece of luxury - "one egg to every man and two to the esceUentty valiant Schweppennan. " Far more thtin fish - for it is a watery diet - eggs are the scholar's faro. They contain phosphorus, which is brain food, and sulphur, which perfonns a variety of functions in the economy. And they are the best of nutriment for clüldren, for in a compact form they contain everything that is aecessary to the growth of the youthful frame Eggs are. bowever, not only food- they are medicino also The white is the most efficacious of remedies for burns, and the oil extracted from the yolk is regarded by the Russians as an almost miracnlous salve for cuts, bruises and scratches. A raw egg, if swallowed in time, will effectually detach a fish bone fastened in the throat, and the whites of eggs wil] render the deadly corrosivo sublímate as harmless as a dose of calomel. They strengtheii the consumptive, invigorate the feeble and render the most susceptible all but proof agaiiist jaundice in its most naut piiase. -


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