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Hubbard Bros., the yell known pubisliers of Philadelphia, Chicago and ivansas City, annouuce the preparation and publication between Julv lst and löth, of a Biography of Cleveland and l'hunnan, also Mrs. Cleveland the popular Bride of the White House, together with a íull setting forlh of the great rariff issue and it great variety of vallable political matter, the whöle to be wrltten and edited by V. U. Hensel, of Lancaster. It would be difficult to tind a man better fllted to write the Uves of the Democratie canrtidates for President and Vice-President than VV.U. Hensel. a lawyer. editor and politician. For neavly rifteen vears he was one of the editors of the Lancaster Intelligencer. Eorflve yeais Chainuan of the Democratie State Commiitee of Penrisylvania: a delégate to nearly all the Democratie conventions since 1877; Chairman of the State convention of 1SSS; delégate to St. Louis, author of many sRetches of public men and notably the campaign biographer of Mr. Ilendricks in 1SS4. Sincerely devoted to the principies of the party to which he has been attached, and which hehas served fiom boyhood. active in all honest efïorts to prómote those principies among his countrymen. and having come into close personal contact with most of the men. wlio have been recognized by the present and the last generation as the exponents of the best ideas of the party he is particularlv fltteel for the task in hand. lie has the additioual advantage of having been one of the war'mest friends and adherentsof Mr. Cleveland, not only before bis ascensión to the Presidency, but since and d uring that time. H bas also been an admirer and personal friend of Mr. Thurtnan, so that he has all the qualifications necessarv to enable him to write fair. truthful and entertaining sketches of the distinguished men. vvho have been selected as the standard bearers of the Democratie party during the Presidential cauvass of 1888. Tliis wil] undoubtedly be the most authentic and excellent work issued. It is published bv subscription. and we understand agenta are already taking orders with unusiial rapidity.


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