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The First Year Of Free Delivery

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During the year ending June 30, which was the first year of the free delivery, the mail carriers coüected 285,038 letters, 18,860 drop letters, 9,069 drop postal cards, 54,849 mail postal cards and 16,635 newspapers. During the same time they delivered 488.005 letters, 92,115 postáis, 1,000 registered letters and 366,716 newspapers. In other words the carriers delivered 947,836 pieces and collected 384,415.pieces. The total postage on local matter amounted to $1,204.97. üuring the same period the number of letters, postal cards. jnewspapers [and news paper packages dropped into the office and not included in the above classification were 629,704. The largest amount of mail collected or dehvered was during June just ended and the smallest of any one month was in August when only 26,470 letters were delivered besides the postal cards and news papers. There has been a steady increase of mail matter carried hs the carriers which indicates the grovring popularity of t'ie delivery system.


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