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An Early Methodist Church

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The Ypsilanti Sentinel last week contains the following contribution to the early historv of Aun Arbor: Ypsilanti, June 18th, 1888 Editoh of the Sentinel: A notice in a late Ann Arbor paper of a wedding in the Uourt House as being the tirst that ever occurred there,may be true of the new building, but not by mauy of the old. WhenI, a little girl, carne with my father to Ann Arbour (as it was then spelled) in 1S31, the Methodists held service in a large unünished two-story biick building standing on the old jail square. There was a large belfrev, bnek foundation up to the roof with an uiiclused frame work, roofless, and tow ering high above the building. A door on each side led into a vestibule partitioned off with boards fiom the rest wuich was one room with unplastered walls, and atall desk standing in one corner. The seats were long moveable benches. Here have I listened to Mr. l'ilcher, Gavet, Wiley, Elliot, Gilrufh, and others that are rubbed from memory's tables by more recent eveuta. ün week days a private school was kept here by Miss Sirah Snrjent, and for tour years I went to school to her, seldom absent a day. no vacations lasting over a week, and Saturdaysalternately. Her sister, Miss Mary Sergeant assisted by Delinda sjias. Their success was limited. Miss Jocelyn was the next teacher. Her eduction was inferior to manv ot her pupils and her reign was short. itev. Mr. Nelson, then opened a school part of the time in the lower room, and a part of the time in the upper ïooin, whicli was reached by a rickety fliglu of stans running down at right angles from the ouly door in one corner of the back part of the building. In forty-two or Unes, this building was teciiiistructed into a dwellmg house, owned and occupied by a Mr. Morton. At'ter the Oourt House was built in lf34. the Meihodists occupied the court room until the fall ot 137, wnen the basement of their church was completed. Someume in the spring, oue Sabbath morning, Mr. Levi Brunt, a brother-in-law of Wm. S. Mavnard, by a previous marriage, was united in marriage to Miss Relief Wallace, Mr. and Mis. S. K. Jones standing witti them while the beautitul marriage ritual was read by a Methodist clergyman, whose name hHS pas3ed from mind. Having at last "hit the owl," I send you this leaf trom memory's journal.


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