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President At The Saengerfest

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Baltimobe, July 5. - At the national SEengerfest Tuesday the prize singing in the second class was heard, fifteen clubs taking part therein. The ieature of the day, however, was the concert, and the Academy of Music wás packed shortly af ter the doors opened at night. The attraction was not alto{;ether the last grand concert of the KBUgerfest, for the announcernent that President Cleveland would be in attenflance brought many people that othorwise ivould have remained away. The president was expected to arrive at Camden station over the Baltimore & Ohio railroad at S o'clock. Tbe train did not leave Washington, however. until nearly that hour. The presidential party consisted of President and Mrs. Cleveland, Rev. Mr. Cleveland (brother of the president) and vvife, Mrs Folsom, and Col. Dan Lamont. The run fi" igtori to Baltiaiore was made in fortr three minutes. When the train pulled u] at Camden station the president remarked: "That was a pretty quick run; I don't want to return so f ast." At Camden station a crowd of 2,000 people had been awaiting the arrival of the partyior upwards of au hour, and wlien they did finully put iu an appetiranoe thedenion=trationsof vrelcome were so vigorous that Mrs. Cleveland was somewhat tiuiid about attompting to get to the carriajes. Another large crovvd awaited them on the streets in front of the Acadomy of Music. The presi.lentól box was the second right hand prosoeninm. It was tastefully decorated. The pillars on eituer side of the box were entwined each ivith a single United Kiutes flag, lapped over with a long, continuous strip of bandana bandkerchief stuff. When the presidential party enterad the box the thircl par,t f the concert. "Ou the Ruine," wïïs being rendered by the mass chorus. The .resident remained iu the background untü toe pieoe had been flaished. He then came to the front, and the audience broke forth into wild applause. Handlrerchiefs and bandanas were waved. and the (■!; rlag "'as daafening. Mr. Cleveland finalIj bowed his acknowledgments, and the andieoce gave three cheers for Mrs. Cleveland. The concert was then resumed. Governoi; Jackson and party, who oecupied the box opposite the pre.sident's, paid tlieir respecta to tbe president during the course oL the eveniag. The concert ended shortly before 11 o'cïock, anci the presidential party were inimediately driven to Camden station and lefc for Washington. In leaving the taeater the president and Mrs. Cleveland were c'.osed in upon, so great was the desire to see thetn at short range, and the pólice had great difliculty in keeping the way oijen for them to pass out to their carriage.


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