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Insurance Agent No. i South Main Si., Aan rhor. The oldest agencv in the city. Es tablis-heri a quaiter of a century ago Representing the following ürst-clas3 cornpanies. Home Ins. Co. of N. V.. - $7,000,0(0 Continental Ins. Co. of N. V. 4,207 ,20e Niágara Ins. Co. of N. V. - 1 .785,563 Girard Ins. Co. of L'hiit. - 1,132,486 Oriënt Ins. Co. of Hartford - 1,419,522 Commercial Union of L'ondrtB 12,000,000 Liverpool, LondDD and i;ipbe3S mn.iiOO l Rii.tim Imo. Lossen ih. rnl.lii ndiusteo and prowtptly ?ju' '. Ml LI. EU. W. L, DOUCLAS S3 SHOL GENTLEMEN. The ■ ■■■■ i ules Sh wilHotit taoks or nails. Aiv:'-: ruUlui 1 : [i " " ■- uno havinji ■■■'' ■ 'ir hart fitting h. si Sne Rfnuine un pmp tl ii bulto ■. '- I. Doii);las$3 Shie. warruntetl." W 1. DOllglK" 4 Slioe. the originnl nnd hichequals custom raad sliües costinfr'froi foto - . W. L.OoiiKlas S250 Slioe is unexI for heavy se;ir. W. S,. Doliólas S2 Slioe s ivoni hv :il b-oys, i? the best school ín the wol ld . All the ftbove Efoodsare mnde in Conrcss. Bittnn ,ind Lace, and it'rot snid Uv vmir dealer, write W 1. louííla-, Broclitoti, Mass. REINHARDT & CO., AGENTS Ann Arbor.


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