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THE CREAM OF ALL BOQKB OF ADVENTURE. Condensed Into One Volume. PIONEER . ,j DARING HÉROES ilDEEDS. The thrillintr advenium of ai tbe bero explnrers arjd íiuntier tibtiTp wiih ludían, ontlnwa and wild lie'Pts, over our whoïe couutiy, fiona Hifi t-arlipst times io the i-rrxent. Lhes und tamou expioii oí i-t-Soio, J-ftfall1, Snu dish, Booue. Kenton, Btiidy. CtookMI, Kowie, Housiou, Carson, Custei, Calirornía Juf. Wil.l liill, Búllalo Bill GeDtr.tls Milis HDd rook, L'real lndian t'liiefsand BCoicBtothws. KPLBNÍHOUY ILLUTKATED wnh :■: fine engravinga. AGKKTH WaKTKD. Lííw-piired, atd beats Qiiytfalng to eell. Tiitie tor pavments allow(jd Agenish il oí funda. U. SOAMMELL&CO., St LOUIS, MO. STEPHEN PRÁTTS STEAM BOILER WORKS (EstabUshed 1S65.) ManuPr of High nnd low Vrv.sureand Steam Heating Boilers of :ill kinds: nrfioke pipes, breachinjfs, etc. Old boilers tuketi in ex chanflfe for nw. Rivets, boiler pltei n boilei tubes for sle. for, Frtundn st . and Mirh Central K R. tracks. DETROIT MIUI. _ T.'hy yon should send us your or'.lcre. We b.nile gW aoUiinrbut EEST and CHOICEST BKANDS; BgHnhk. Scflat Manufacturers' and lrnixrters' Pricrs; Bya Ship at UNE DA Y 'S NOTICE. tnabling fflr jflSk.Hfc you to receive goods day fotlowjng: HH FiU oiJcrs lor KINDsof Ino American ■■KTA? USvïaEtfrk. ö i Pohshed fLATX, É0 B ■TKgfcw. Rouich and Ribbed BftV Frrnch Window. SHkK KiO can Window. English 36 os. hVH KnamcMcd, Cut and Embossed. VUSB Rol led Cathedral.Venetian. Muffled. ■SH FlMted Honemian, Germa Loolcint M Olass Platcs, French Mirror Pltes. ,i Tïicqtiality, variety and quantityof our stock . Is excecüed by no house in the United States WM. REID, 73 4 75 Lrnd 8trt W., OETBOIT. MlCH. P. S.- Wri íor Pnces. No tiouble t mnswet conpondeace


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